Loved and Pursued by the Creator 

Sometimes I get so focused on doing something great for God, that in the process of that, I lose sight of Him. It definitely shouldn’t be this way but so easily happens.

This morning, I spent countless hours trying to figure out how to work and customize this blog. Of course, the whole purpose of it is to glorify and honor Jesus, but I wasn’t even thinking of the big picture. I was more focused on what font something was, the color scheme, or if a picture was centered perfectly. We get so enraptured in little things in our daily lives to stop and think if any of it will benefit our eternities.

I walked outside to find that today is one of the most beautiful days we’ve had this whole summer. It’s definitely beyond any creation of the Internet. There are pairs of butterflies flying around the flowers and a gentle breeze is blowing. Birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and blueberry pies are in the making. God’s creation is all around us screaming His glory, but how often do we stop to appreciate it?

Today God has shown me many things. We are called to enjoy life. Jesus is our forever constant, He is always going to be God, and His love for us is always pursuing our hearts.

So today, instead of trying to take things into our own hands or spend all day on the Internet, I challenge us to go for a walk, ride our bikes, look at the clouds, or smell a flower. Let’s be a little adventurous! We never know what we may find. We must allow God to show Himself to us in the ways He desires. We are loved and pursued by the Creator of the world.

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