A Glimpse of Liberty University

I was overwhelmed by the love, support, encouragement, and faith of the people who live and serve at Liberty.

In this post, I want to give you a glimpse of Liberty University through my eyes. Are you ready? Let’s go!

The Campus

The campus of LU is located in the mountains of Lynchburg, Virginia. Other than the views of God’s Creation in Eastern North Carolina, I am quite convinced Liberty has the most beautiful and majestic sunrises and sunsets.

Liberty has been and is currently tearing down old buildings while making things new for the purpose of doing everything better since they represent Christ. A leader and Pastor on campus, David Nasser, stated that influencers of the World may not agree with what Liberty stands for, but they do not have an excuse to disrespect the school.  The buildings on campus are beautiful, and are designed to meet the student’s unique needs. The library has different levels of quietness, the most amazing storage for books, coffee shops, private study rooms, and walls that are white boards.

I was looking for flowers, greenery, and nature at Liberty, which was not hard to find. Little plants, bushes, and trees are planted everywhere. There is also a pond near the library! I heard students say they go to the pond at night for deep talks and peace.

The Staff

I am not naïve enough to think 100% of the workers and students at Liberty are happy to be there, but I did not meet one person who had something negative to say about the school. Neither did I hear one cuss word or inappropriate remark. (Reminder: I stayed in the dorms and went off campus with current students. I wasn’t just exposed to people who are paid to say good things about the school.)

One of the rot (cafeteria) workers told me that she goes to work every day for the students. She genuinely loves her job because of the ministry she is able to give and receive through it. Many other rot workers showed kindness and sincere concern for the young adults.

The People

I cannot say enough about the people God placed in my life during my short visit to LU. For one of the first times in my life, fitting in was a good thing! Yes, you did not read that wrong. Fitting in with the people I was surrounded by was a good thing. They were truly in love with God, clinging onto Him as their first love, going wherever He was leading, and pouring out His characteristics. Needless to say, finding a body of believers who were also spiritually mature helped me grow in amazing ways.

Hannah, one of Natalie’s roommates, asked if she could pray with me the night before the Unashamed Project. She was so thoughtful, selfless, and comforting!

Another new friend, who works at LU, Courtney, asked if she could pray with me Saturday after the Unashamed Project. We shared a spiritual Father and His Presence engulfed both of us!

Each girl dorm (that I know of) has a brother dorm (and vice versa). They do special activities and go to different events together. I think it is honestly a way of getting connected and having a close community away from home. Natalie and Hannah were planning on going off campus for breakfast to celebrate one of their brother dorm friend’s birthday. The two guy friends from the brother dorm invited me to go along with all of them too. This is another example of the kindness of the students I interacted with!

Ethan and Chase were also blessings from God. You can read more about how I met them and our time together here.

The Spirit of God

Liberty’s phenomenal campus, staff, and people are not the best part of the school. Liberty University exists because and for God. Instead of worshiping gifts, the school is worshiping the Giver of all good things.

I felt God’s Presence all over the campus. I saw Him in His people, in His Creation, and in His gentle yet bold guidance.

He is answers prayers, showing Himself to me, revealing His will, and opening doors only He can. My desire is to go to college wherever He leads me, whether that is at Liberty or somewhere else. As of now, He is continuing to lead me in the direction of Liberty, where I can best grow in Him; and be equipped to live an extraordinary life of service.

Have you asked God where He is leading you to go? Whether you’re going to college, a new job, moving, or making plans for your future, know that God already has a story of His best written out for you! His best is better than our wildest dreams.

We must let go of our own desires in order to receive what God desires for our lives.

He hears you. He sees you. He is fighting for you. He loves you. He is using you! Do not give up. Do not lose hope. God breaks our chains and replaces lies of the enemy with thoughts of truth and victory.

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