Has Your House Been Made New?

At the end of a long dirt path stood an old two story house. It was abandoned but full of character. Farm land surrounded the house. A wooden swing gently swayed underneath the weeping willow tree outside of the kitchen window.

Being so enamored by the house, a young couple bought it. They had a vision to take what was old and broken and restore it into something beautiful. Despite the tall grass and weeds, wild flowers were blooming. Vivid thoughts of children playing, giggling, and running around the yard quickly ran across the couple’s minds.

In order for the house to be restored and made beautiful, change had to take place. The old green carpet, boxes, furniture, light fixtures, and garbage was removed. Decaying floors were ripped up, and unneeded walls were taken out until the house was bare. The old had to be removed for the new to take place.

After stripping the house to its structure, it was finally time to make change happen from the inside out. Dark hardwood floor replaced the green carpet. A light grey color took the place of burgundy walls. An empty bedroom became a baby’s nursery. The young couple enjoyed picking out cabinet knobs, pillows, comforters, dishes, and each detail for their restored home. The exterior of the house was transformed with a light blue siding and black shutters. They treasured and valued their home because of the history and transformation that had taken place within it. It carried a story. They saw the farmhouse when it was outdated and falling down. The change the house experienced couldn’t be denied. 

Has your house been made new?

As humans, we are sinful and broken. Despite our efforts, we weren’t made to carry the burdens of life on our own. God the Father knew we would need a Savior whenever He created the world. Therefore, He sent His only Son Jesus into the world to grow up, do ministry, and ultimately, pay for our sins on a cross. He was the only One Who could make that sacrifice. Jesus died for you. He carried the pain, anxiety, fear, worry, and addictions you would face before you were even born. He is waiting for you to accept and receive His gift of salvation, a personal relationship with Him, and an eternal home with Him in Heaven. You don’t need to take a shower, look presentable, clean your house, or “get things together” to come before Him. He knows everything about you and just wants you to come to Him as you are. His Holy Spirit will live, move, work, and dwell within you as you become His child. When you are abandoned by people and feel broken, God sees purpose and potential within you. He sees your character. He knows the things you used to enjoy doing. He wants to restore your joy and all of you! He will use your past to tell a beautiful story.

You can experience change, restoration, transformation, and dedication today. Will you choose to hand your life to the Lord right now?