My name is Haley and I’m so glad you’re here! I am sixteen years old with the privilege of calling North Carolina my home. I’m passionate about having a personal relationship with Jesus, living in Him daily, and encouraging those around me. Some of my favorite things include: spending time with God in His creation, investing in individuals, capturing special moments with my camera, journaling, making meaningful relationships with other believers, and sharing joy through the little things. 

I was in eighth grade when God gave me the vision of starting a blog. I was finding my identity in Him and knew that the world couldn’t satisfy me. One day while praying, it just made sense for my blog’s name to be Undeniably His. I wanted others to see Jesus living in and through me, knowing that I’m not perfect, but striving to be real and authentic. It’s time for us to step up and receive our callings, be leaders and world changers for Christ, and live lives of impact. I hope that through this blog, you will see and experience Jesus for yourself, and be inspired to join me on the walk of being Undeniably His.  


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