Live the Life He Died for 

Sitting in the passenger seat of the old truck, Bryson’s eyes illuminated with excitement. He was wearing his camouflage cargo pants and work boots, matching his dad. If someone told him something bad about his dad, he wouldn’t believe them. Bryson thought that his dad was the greatest man alive, and today he was going to work with him.

When they arrived at the job, his dad quickly got focused on how the roofing was coming along. Little Bryson got bored and wandered to the woods to find something exciting.

While Bryson was steadily walking to the woods, he started having low abdominal pains. He didn’t think much of it at first, but quickly realized that it could be something very serious. Before he knew it, he was lying on the ground screaming for help.

His Dad thought he heard someone screaming. He listened closely and recognized the sound of his child. His panic stricken body was filled with worry and fear. Running towards the woods, he found screaming Bryson and immediately called for help.

The next morning, Bryson woke up to a new atmosphere. Not only to a new atmosphere, but to lying in a hospital bed.

His father couldn’t stand the sight of seeing his son sick and confused lying in a hospital bed. He kept blaming himself for not watching Bryson as intently as he should have.

He knew that he would do anything it took to see his son’s eyes shine like they did yesterday morning.

This is a work of fiction that God allowed me to write so that I can share what He is trying to say to you.

You are His child. When you are going though a rough time, He is going through it with you. His heart becomes grievous when He sees you wandering away from His love.

We will never be able to separate or stop the love He has for us. We are His children and He is our Father.

Before the beginning of the world, He knew that you would be broken and need a Savior. He sent His only son, Jesus, to come and die on a cross so that we could live a life for Him and an eternity with Him.

Like Bryson’s father, we have a Father who wants to see us live life to the fullest. He enjoys seeing our faces shine with His love and peace. He wants us to share what He has done in our lives and to help others see how much He loves them.

The question that God brought to my life is this: Why would you choose to live an ordinary life when you have the ability and freedom in Me to live a life worthy of your calling?

He died so that you can live this life for Him. Will you choose to?

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