A Well-Watered Post

Just like flowers and plants, we can’t expect to be watered one time and grow fully. We have to keep being watered. 

To “keep being watered” means we have to be in continual pursuit of Christ. We should be longing for more of Jesus and filling ourselves up with Him daily. 

On Tuesday afternoon, I was challenged to absorb God’s Word, time with Him, and opportunities.

This school year is coming to a close, and I feel as if I need to be making the most of every opportunity. I don’t need to look at school as wasted time. Rather, I should be striving to share God’s love and light to everyone. We need to be so full of Christ that He’s Who shines through our everyday lives. Our lives are not about us. As Christians, the Holy Spirit lives inside of us and we should want to live so passionately for Him that it’s contagious.

Never forget that there’s purpose where you’re placed. If we can’t serve God faithfully and live for Him where we’re placed now, we can’t expect to serve or live for Him later. 

My challenge for us today is that we would live so closely to our Father, be watered by Him daily, and make the most of our time and opportunities. Let’s shine brightly, serve Jesus well where we’re placed, and treat others how He has treated us.

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