Leaving Comfort


It’s found in our homes, families, big sweaters, food, social media pages, and many other things. Where do you find your comfort?

God did miraculous things in, through, for, and around me my freshman year of high school. While that is a wonderful season to reflect upon, I have to be seeking and seeing Jesus where He is working now. God wants to show Himself to me in new ways.

Change is something that scares and excites me.

My youth group was recently relaunched! We rebranded and renamed two of our ministries, changed the background of our stage, and started small group circles.

I think a lot of us miss out on God’s best by clinging onto what we think is good.


How dare we stay inside our comfort zones of ordinary when God has called us to live extraordinary lives of impact, courage, boldness, and mission? We should never be comfortable with where we are at in our relationships with God. We should constantly be seeking to discover more of God to grow closer to Him.

God has given me a book to write. He has given me a mouth to speak. How am I living out these callings given to me by God?

What is God calling you to do?

I challenge us to not only read our Bibles but to pray as well.

A relationship without communication is nonexistent.

While Jesus is King of the World, He is also our personal best friend. Sharing our thoughts and hearts with God daily increases our intimacy with Him.

Stop living under the trap of comparison. God loves you with every part of His being. Let’s not get immune to His goodness or hearing of His love for us.


  • Be more intentional about my prayer life daily.
  • Grow the seeds God has placed within me.
  • Do what God is calling me to do!
  • Rid my life of comfort and things that distract me from God.


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