Love is Patient

Before many of the well-known attributes of love are expressed in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7, love is first described as patient.

The phrase “love is patient” stopped me in my tracks last week and has constantly been brought to my mind daily by God.

I have been praying about who I would go to prom with for over a year now. I placed my love life inside of God’s hands before entering ninth grade. Not just physically, but spiritually, mentally, and emotionally as well. I had a mental list of potential people I could ask to go to prom with me, but over the course of a year, God has eliminated each guy by name off of my list. If you had a front row seat of this process, you would be blown away by seeing God work! As He crossed the last person off of my list, I knew God was doing something special behind the scenes of my life. He has constantly reminded me of how big He is. He has shown me that prayer is my most powerful tool. He has also reconfirmed that nothing can stop or stand in the way of the plans God has for my life. Because God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth is our faithful Father and Friend, we do not have to try to make things happen on our own.

While I have been tempted to take action on the glimpse of the plan God has revealed to me, I know that without patience, God cannot fully give me His best.

Love is patient and should not only be seen in a romantic way. We are all called to live in love and to share love daily because we are all fully and deeply loved by God.

Taking leaps of faith, being patient, and praying like it depends on God is powerful.

God has been doing incredible things in my life this month. I have taken a break from sharing words and pictures on social media in order to give God my undivided attention. While I have been freed from the pressure to constantly post, I have still had to rid my life of distractions.

Another reason I have surrendered some of my most treasured hobbies this month is because I have had my focus on The Delight Movement. It is less than a month away! God has been turning a prophesied dream into a holy reality! He has given me an insurmountable opportunity and responsibility to speak life over teenage girl’s lives. Many girls who will come to The Delight Movement will walk through the doors of my church carrying chains I do not know about. My prayer and desire is that God will break the chains of His beloved girls and fully equip them to be the change in this dark World that is starving for His light.

While reading about Moses and Aaron in Leviticus, God told me that a position of leadership never grants a person a membership of perfection.

God does not use perfect people because perfect people do not exist. Instead, He always uses broken people whom He has set free and restored. We all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, yet God has set us apart to live radical lives in and for Him (Romans 3:23). Although God’s love for us is not based off of our behavior, I do believe our acts of faith touch the heart of God.

Without seasons of preparation, we will never be fully prepared for the plans God has for us. Instead of becoming impatient, I challenge you to rest in the place God has divinely put you. Do not give God a time limit. He Himself is not bound by time. Our minds cannot even fathom the mysteries and miracles God has prepared for us. Keep striving for excellence rather than perfection. Allow God to turn your brokenness into a beautiful message. Do not compare your walk to the run of the girl or the guy beside you. Keep your eyes on the Prize. Never give up but always stop to fill yourself up with Truth so that you can run with endurance.

I am here to be open, honest, and encouraging with you this year!

Much love,



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