A Beautiful Exchange of Batteries

I was whisked away outside last night. I had been reading an English book for school at my kitchen table, on my parent’s bed, and at my bedroom desk. The book is not my favorite. I had been reading it for two hours and taking notes on it whenever I decided to go see my earthly daddy outside. He was working in our family’s “game room” where I am able to have Cultivate girls ministry nights once a month. He had just thought to himself that it would be nice if I went up there. He was in a crevice working on securing the floor and needed some charged batteries for his machinery. 

I continued to change out batteries for my dad’s screw driver. I would give him a charged one as he gave me worn out batteries. 

After meeting with my dad and just checking on his progress, I could not resist the temperature and mood outside. Earlier, I had been giving myself excuses for not going outside for a walk and talk with the Lord. It was storming. Limbs were falling out of trees. It was getting windy. 

My sweet little dog Lacy accompanied me for a walk to the woods. I picked up sticks, talked to God about the things I had going on, and was reminded of what is actually important!

What is filling your to-do list? Is your to-do list running you?

I was reminded that I am always most productive after I have spent time with Jesus first. Sure, I had already read His Word and talked to Him on my car rides, but, like you and I, Jesus does not just want to be sought whenever it is convenient for us. He wants us to live inside of Him every single day of our lives!

How often do we trade the voice of God for a sermon, pastor, instagram influencer, or youtube video? We should be seeking Truth and encouragement in every corner we can, but I believe we sometimes resort to hearing secondhand words from God!

With the people I love, I don’t just want to hear what they told someone else. I want to hear their voices directly. I want to hear the unique sound waves their vocal cords produce. I want to experience the emotions in their tones. I want to hear what they have to say to me personally! Why do we resort to just hearing about God whenever He wants to speak directly to us?

While you may feel like many people drain life from you, Jesus is the only One who can fill you. 

Matthew 11:28 (NIV) says, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

As I sat on my family’s pier overlooking the moving waters illuminated by little lights, Jesus placed this verse on my mind. How can I expect to have rest unless I come to Him? We all desire rest because we were never created to live without communication with our Savior. Jesus wants to be a part of our every day lives! Nothing is too boring to mention to Him. Rest will not come from going to watch a Hallmark or action movie. It won’t come from reading another novel. Rest won’t come from meeting a friend for coffee. True rest comes from coming to the Father. 

This is so very beautiful, my friend.

Jesus sees you at work at all of the projects you are doing. He supports you in the work you are doing for His Kingdom. He wants to help you. He reads your thoughts and sends extra human help your way to be an extension of His grace. 

Just as my dad handed me dead batteries that no longer worked his machinery, let’s hand Jesus our weariness and our burdens. He, in turn, will give us rest.

 I believe this message was so hand-crafted by the heart of God. Don’t settle for voices that only reflect Jesus. I pray and desire for you to know Him and hear Him personally. 


I pray you believe it, live like it, and remind others of their worth in the Lord too.




7 thoughts on “A Beautiful Exchange of Batteries

  1. Happy Birthday Haley! And what a beautiful reminder of how we must first come to Him! He’s always available yet we so oftentimes get detoured by the noises of life which act as “Sirens” to draw us away from what is most important. Also love how you emphasize that we must step toward him i.e. open the door and enter in to commune with Him!! Your writings keep getting better and better as you continue your precious walk with the Lord. Keep sharing the good Word! I love you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love YOU, Mrs. Dina! Thank you so very much for this sweet comment! You are a genuine reflection of the Lord! Thank you for enduring and always showing the Lord’s love! You are a blessing to me!


  2. Thank you Haley. Your words of wisdom; always Bless Me. You are beautiful inside and out.
    I know that God is so proud of you. We are too.
    Happy Birthday! Love and Hugs, Willard and Shirley

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Uncle Boss Man and Aunt Shirley, thank y’all so very much for keeping in touch with me online! I love y’all and truly appreciate your heart felt words of encouragement!!


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