My Top Favorite Christian Books + Resources

Hello, friend! I am often asked about what books I would recommend for devotionals, books on godly relationships, and resources to help girls grow in their walks with Jesus! Some of my favorite resources listed below are for both men and women. I will make notes underneath each resource to give you some information! Links are provided so you can further look into the items you are interested in purchasing!

Streams In The Desert ®: 366 Daily Devotional Readings, Italian Duo-Tone Walnut

My dad’s mom (Grandma Dotty) passed away before I was born. One of the precious things I have from her is this devotional book. It is the oldest devotion book I own but it is beyond timeless-just like the Word of God! There are many stories and analogies shared in this devotional book that will stir your affections for Christ!

The Beautiful Word Devotional: Bringing the Goodness of Scripture to Life in Your Heart

One of my mentors and teachers in high school gifted me with this book right before I changed schools senior year. It has beautiful illustrations on the daily devotional pages, is perfect for teenage girls, and connects real life struggles to truths found in the Gospel!

Passion and Purity, Second Edition

Passion and Purity written by Elisabeth Elliot is a game changer in the way one will view purity and God’s gift of sex in marriage. I got this book for Christmas a few years ago and read it in record timing. I was thankful for the author’s honesty in sharing the struggles she faced in her singleness. She and her husband’s desire to honor God and please Him above one another stood out to me and deeply inspired my heart.


The creators of For the Girl are two young adult women who are real! They reach many college women all over the country by being relatable yet transformed by Jesus instead of being conformed to the world. This book gives practical steps and ways a girl can make the most of her single season. My favorite and most applicable part of this study was “unpacking my suitcase” of hurt and things that have tried to hinder my heart in the past. I highly recommend this work book!

Beyond Priceless: Who God is When I Feel…

I was privileged to meet the authors of this book last year at Liberty! Their testimony of God’s protection and goodness in the midst of hardships and pain is outstanding. They are full of the Holy Spirit and strive to teach people how to be led by the Lord rather than emotions.

How to Lead When You’re Not in Charge: Leveraging Influence When You Lack Authority

This book was required for one of my Christian Ministry classes at Liberty last semester! It was a fun read and one that got a lot of highlights! We can often feel stuck in ministry or leadership whenever we do not possess an impressive human title. We must press into our identities as sons and daughters of God and start making disciples today!

The Chase: Trusting God with Your Happily Ever After

This book was one I went though in middle school or early high school! I remember reading it in about one day! I enjoyed reading perspectives on singleness and dating from both a husband and wife’s perspective. I was encouraged to give compliments out a lot. The author mentioned that after all, giving compliments is free! There are principles in here that are biblical and tips that are practical.

Gospel: Recovering the Power that Made Christianity Revolutionary

!!! This book wrecked me in the best ways last year at Liberty as well! The Gospel changes everything! If you struggle with believing God’s love is based off of what you do, read this book!

Men and Women, Equal Yet Different: A Brief Study of the Biblical Passages on Gender

I have gained a tremendous passion for God’s design in biblical manhood and biblical womanhood. If you are desiring to learn about God’s order and design for men and women individually and together, this book is amazing!

Give Me Jesus Journal

Whenever studying Scripture, we sometimes run out of room to write notes in our Bibles. This resource created by Gretchen Saffles is a helpful tool in documenting the lessons God is teaching us through His Word.

The Tent

I recently started investing in this monthly membership to help guide my time with the Lord. I am often pouring into others and this resource is a place where I have resources to pour back into my walk with Jesus! Please check this out!

ESV Single Column Journaling Bible®

The Lord amazes me with how He provides for our needs and desires. I was gifted with this Bible in a class at Liberty last semester. It has room for journaling and note taking while it is written in an understandable translation! I highly recommend it!

Fully Consecrated

How could I leave out my own devotional book? If you enjoy reading testimonies and seeing how Jesus works in such detailed ways to reveal truth, this devotional book is for you!

Draw the Circle: The 40 Day Prayer Challenge

My life changed while reading and after reading The 40 Day Prayer Challenge! Jesus revealed Himself to me as I consecrated myself to Him intentionally with prayer.

I hope these recommendations for Christian books and resources is helpful to your pursuit of Christ! I would love to hear what you decide to dig into deeper!

Much love,


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