Challenged Sacrifice

Today in Bible class, my teacher asked who would stand up and proclaim that they weren’t ashamed of God. None of us were expecting this and were feeling shocked, scared, and nervous. While our minds were racing, the topic changed before anyone had time to stand up.

When we hear about situations like what happened in Oregon just this past week, we want to believe that we would also make the right decision. In reality, we don’t really know how we would react.

Thankfully, what happened in my Bible class was far from a life or death situation, but it has given me a new kind of perspective.

What kind of boldness do we have when it comes to taking a big stand for Christ?

What are we willing to give up for Him?

8 thoughts on “Challenged Sacrifice

  1. haley….I am blown away by the inspirational messages in your writings….they are just a blessing!!!
    what a wonderful ministry!! I know your parents and I thank your mother for sharing your blog with me! praises to our Lord for wonderful families like yours!!

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  2. Great post Haley! I would have definitely been scared if I was in that situation in Oregon! I wouldn’t have known what to do. Not knowing whether to sacrifice my life or sacrifice shaming my belief in God. But then we have the think the sacrifice God took for us! Great post Haley once again! You inspire me to become a better person and become closer to God everyday!

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  3. We asked this same question at my house not long ago, Haley. I had told my children that I believed I would, I hoped that I would, take a stand like that if we had to, but then we started asking ourselves the question, “Wouldn’t Jesus know how we really felt in our heart and wouldn’t He understand if we were trying to protect our life?” I don’t know, but I do know Jesus gave His life for me, and I hope, until my dying breath, I go down proclaiming what a marvelous friend I have in Jesus. Thank you for your post.

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    1. Thank you for sharing that, Mrs.Terry!! That is a wonderful and encouraging way to think about it. I’m thankful for your example of living an authentic relationship with Him!


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