October Lessons

God put something special on my heart a few weeks ago and I acted upon it. He answered prayer in a huge way and I had never seen Him answer a prayer that quickly.

On Friday, I started letting the devil steal my joy and fervent urgency to continue to lift up that certain situation.

I felt change wasn’t happening, what I wanted wasn’t coming about, and that I should just stop trying to make it happen.

The truth is that I cannot make change happen, a friendship grow, or give someone the courage that they need to go against the current of likeness. The only One who can bring about all of these things is God our Father, the Creator of Heaven and Earth.

I am called to stay in continual pursuit of God in prayer over this.

I want to share three things with you that God has been showing to me.

1. You must fill yourself up to pour yourself out.

We want to help and invest into others. In order to do that, we have to be investing into ourselves and our relationships with God. Therefore, He will be what comes out of our daily lives.

2. Don’t let the devil steal your joy, purpose, or love.

The enemy is out to only kill, steal, and destroy you. When you’re on fire for God, and God is using you to build His kingdom, you become a target to tear down. The devil doesn’t want you to keep building up an army of Christ. Be on guard and fight your battles through prayer and quiet time with the Lord.

3. Surround yourself with people who will point you closer to Christ

God has blessed me with many new friendships this year with people who I’ve known but never really gotten to know deeply. Having at least one friend who has a genuine heart for Christ will make a huge impact in your life. I get so upset seeing the people who need to be encouraged the most being torn down. Show yourself friendly, and I’m sure God will send you the right friends. Just be yourself and let God shine through you. Believe me, it’s more attractive than what you think.

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