Local Before Global

“If you want to be a missionary to another country, how do you expect to change another part of the world if you aren’t being a part of change where you are now?”

My Bible teacher said this a couple months ago and it really has stuck with me.

Recently, I’ve realized how broken some people actually are and how sin has ruined or is ruining their lives. They are thirsty for love, acceptance, joy, and happiness while looking everywhere but to Jesus.

People care more about what their friends think of them than the Creator of the world. Why? One of the reasons I think is because they don’t realize how real He is.

Today in Bible Study, girls were honest about their struggles, and we were able to pray over one of our friends who is going through a hard time.

I see potential in my peers, but I also know that the devil wants to make them stumble.

Each of the girls in Bible Study desire to love Jesus more, but we have to help each other and put forth personal effort.

We can’t expect to get closer to God by only talking about it.

God has given me a school, a group of girls for Bible Study, teachers in need of encouragement, children at church, my peers, family, and just people that I come in contact with each day to invest in.

God has equipped you to go out, be His disciple, show love, spread joy, and display an authentic relationship with Him.

Let Him use you. I promise it will help you grow in your own walk with Him. Investing into others is a blessing and seeing God work is a reward.

Who are the people in your life that were specifically put in your path? How can you stand up and be a leader?

Tonight, let’s pray about our influence and leadership.

Don’t forget your purpose.

3 thoughts on “Local Before Global

  1. I would love to hear about your Bible study that you lead. I am thinking about starting a Bible study next school year and I would love to hear some tips on how you prepare for it.

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    1. I actually led Impact Bible Study in ninth grade. It was really influential while the girls in my class and I did it, but we didn’t continue to do it the past two years. I am proud of you for praying about ways God can use you, Hannah! You are such a light to those around you. Thank you for wanting to hear tips from me! I will definitely try to come up with something to share things I learned while leading a Bible Study! ☺️


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