Goals for the New Year

Before thinking about goals for the new year, I always like to reflect back on the current year to remember everything God has done and taught me. You can read about those things here.

I’m excited to see the ways God will personally work in each of our lives this upcoming year! He is going to use us to serve Him. Here is a list of things I desire to be motivated by and accomplish each day.

    • Don’t surround yourself with anyone you don’t wish to become like
    • Even if something is not your favorite thing to do, work hard at it and succeed in becoming better to bring God glory
    • Start each day off with Jesus
    • Don’t change yourself trying to be the person you think someone wants. Be Undeniably His and remember where your identity is found
    • Find joy in being different
    • Be excited about life change
    • Remember that Jesus wants the lost, but they have to choose Him
    • Live purposefully
    • Wait on God’s timing and don’t try to make things happen yourself
    • Be pure in all that you think, say, and do
    • Have a set time to pray each day, be clear of distractions, and remember all God has done
    • Put your words into actions
    • Be creative
    • Be inspired and inspire
    • Devour God’s Word
    • Grow in your relationship with Jesus like never before
    • Be Spirit led
    • Reach out, spread true joy, and show love
    • Be determined and persevere
    • Have accountability
    • Don’t underestimate what God can do
    • Be the friend you wish to have
    • Have fun and make memories with family
    • Take advantage of the opportunities you’ve been given
    • Remember that doing “hard” things for God will boost your growth
    • Don’t let people discourage you
    • Be an encourager
    • Grow in your spiritual gifts
    • Cherish time, loved ones, opportunities, Creation, God’s Word, and encounters with Jesus.
    • Explore and learn more about God’s character
    • Let your inner beauty always be the most beautiful thing about you.
    • Remember your commitments
    • Serve God and His people

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