God has Already Won

Reading through my old journals, an entry from June 2, 2015 stood out to me. I knew I had to share it with you as a lot of focus has been on our country and election lately.

“I know it’s not good to worry about the future, but my mind has been thinking a lot today. Will our next president be a man of God? Are we close to the end times? Will our nation turn back to God? Throughout history, bad things have happened, people thought they were living in the last days, and there has been some major turning to and from Jesus. All we can do is pray, stand up for what’s right, and put action behind our faith. Sometimes God allows bad things to happen so that we will see we are nothing without Him. Jesus is our only hope. This world isn’t our home. We are here with purpose to proclaim and share Jesus Christ. We don’t have to move across the world to share the love and Gospel of Jesus. It starts in our homes, neighborhoods, schools, and cities. People all around us are slaves to sin and in need of chains being broken. We can offer them true freedom through the blood of Jesus. Our country and world still has hope because the love of Jesus is still radiating and changing the hearts of His people. The devil may be getting a few smiles, but God has already won.”

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