Eyes on Him

I am often faced with the fear that accompanies the thought of falling away from Jesus and into temptation, the current of likeness, and the stream of the things of this world.

Being Undeniably His means to stand out, shine bright, and let our love for God be where our identity is found. It also means living for a purpose bigger than ourselves. Having a personal relationship with Jesus allows you and I to see life through a new lens. It brings life’s purpose from black and white into vivid color. We no longer work for human satisfaction or worldly gains.

Having our eyes on Jesus automatically assures us that:

  1. We aren’t walking alone
  2. We aren’t accomplishing things by our own strength
  3. Impossible things are made more than possible through Him

We don’t and can’t worry about falling away from Jesus, and into the streams of this world whenever our eyes are on our Father. As our eyes are on Him, He is leading and guiding us, and we aren’t walking into things on our own.

I think of the story found in Matthew 14:22-32 where Jesus called Peter, one of His disciples, to come to Him, and walk on water.  With human strength, that is impossible, and definitely wasn’t an everyday request.

Join me as we look at each verse, and learn how this story applies to our own lives.

Matthew 14:22-32

v. 25,26- Jesus was walking on the water towards His disciples. Because the disciples saw something happen bigger than themselves, they became afraid.

v. 27- “But Jesus immediately said to them: “Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.”

v.28- Peter wanted confirmation that it was God (and not a ghost) walking towards them on the water.

v.29- Jesus says one word to Peter: “Come”. Then Peter got out of the boat, walked on the water, and went towards Jesus.

Amazing and miraculous things happen when we choose to take our eyes off of ourselves and our doubts in order to fix our eyes on Jesus, where He’s at, and where He is leading us to go.

v. 30- After Peter obeyed, trusted Jesus, and started on an unique journey, he was faced with opposition, and became afraid.

When the winds of life come our way, we can’t take our eyes off of the One holding us up. We have to hold onto Him even more.

Also, when we are doing miraculous things by God’s power, we can’t become confident in ourselves. That is when we will fall.

v. 31-“Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. “You of little faith,” he said, “why did you doubt?”

Trials and temptations will come our way, but we can rest in the fact that Jesus will always give us strength and victory.

What are you struggling with tonight, friend? I am here to encourage you to keep on walking towards Jesus. Please continue to keep your eyes and focus on Him. He is holding your hand, leading you, and calling out to you. Don’t allow the winds around you to keep you from seeing all that God has in store for you. You are a world changer. I am so thankful for the opportunity to live for a Purpose bigger than myself. I hope you are too. We don’t deserve anything good, but God continues to fill our lives with not only good, but Godly things. He is always for us, hearing us, and fighting for us.

Praying for your heart,


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