16 Years of Life

As a child, my friends and I dreamed of the days we would eventually turn sixteen and get our license. We said that we would go shopping, and have a ton of beach trips in the summer.

Today is the day I embrace being sixteen.

My journey of life so far has been full of family, friends, magical summers, heart felt winters, lessons being learned, adventures, school, and my love for God growing so much.

A few of my favorite childhood memories include playing with baby dolls, dressing up in my mom’s clothes, hating sleep, and absolutely being obsessed with dogs. (I always wanted a yellow lab)

I’ve seen my family receive things we once prayed for.

I’ve realized that it takes being “broken” of our flesh and human craving of love to be made whole and live in the love God has already given to us.

I’ve learned that God uses each and every part of our stories to make us exactly into who He created us to be.

I want to share with you 16 things I have learned, and would tell the younger and older version of myself.

  1. God is the only One who will never change
  2. Recognize beauty in all the places it shines and hides
  3. Life is so short. Therefore, make the most of every opportunity you get
  4. You will never regret being set apart. It will not always be easy, but you would much rather stand out than fit in
  5. Respect your parents, what they say, and their advice over your life
  6. Fashion and outward beauty will fade away. Don’t allow your identity to be found in anyone or anything other than Jesus Himself, and being His child
  7. Guard your heart, and trust God to bring your earthly love into your life in His timing (don’t try to make things happen on your own)
  8. Your relationship with Jesus is the most important relationship you’ll ever have. Treasure it and invest into it daily
  9. Overflow with thankfulness for all God has done and blessed you with
  10. Be an overachiever, and always do more than what’s expected
  11. View others as image bearers of God
  12. What you fill yourself up with will be what you overflow with
  13. Comparison only makes you forget how blessed you are, and the unique story God has given you
  14. God wants those who are lost, and has already paid the price for them to have eternal life with Him
  15. God has purpose in each season you will ever live in
  16. Find your gifts, grow in them, find joy through them, and serve and build God’s kingdom with them


I am praying that the 16 things I shared with you will speak to you, encourage you, and remind you to live this life with all you have. Let’s make a difference for eternity today!

Your friend,


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