Bugs & Nudges

God knew the desire of your heart“, said my mom as we walked out of the Aldi store. I was filled with thankfulness as I looked at my tiny car. God began to stir something within me.

God places nudges, thoughts, and discernment within us that should not be ignored.

I honestly hadn’t been praying about what car I would get. Before I had my permit, I didn’t even have an interest in cars. As a child, I did love Volkswagen Beetles. That was the only type of car I’d ever dreamed about having. During the car searching process, I started looking at other brands. I thought I wanted something bigger. Meanwhile, my dad kept asking me about VW bugs. I knew something was special about them, but I didn’t fully know why. I now look back and see that God gave me hints to what His plan was. One of the ways He gives us hints to His future plans is through nudges. (Nudge: to push against gently, especially in order to gain attention or give a signal // urge into action) 

As a child, all I knew was that for some reason, I was drawn to Volkswagen Beetles. I had no clue that my Heavenly Father had a detailed plan to bless me with one. Before I was born, my dad met a man that would be his principal, co-worker, and dear friend. My dad lost this dear friend a year before I turned sixteen. My dad found out that his friend’s car was going to be sold. It happened to be a 2013 black Volkswagen Beetle.

Do you see God’s fingerprints?

The purpose of sharing this story is to remind you:

  1. Jesus knows the deepest desires of your heart
  2. Jesus cares and acts upon the desires of your heart
  3. Jesus gives us clues to pay attention to in order to follow and discern what His will is

Based off of His goodness to me in this story, I can’t even imagine His plans for the things I have prayed about. He is faithful and gracious in the small and big things.

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