Giving our Best

When we give what we have to God, He uses and multiplies it in a much bigger way than what we could ever dream of.

The ride home from school was unlike usual. I was tired, ill, hungry, and not in a good mood. There are only a few days left of the school year, and studying needs to be done for exams. To receive some peace, I put my sunglasses and tennis shoes on and started walking.

I’m sure you’re also a little worn out from your busy schedule, and ready for a break!

In Luke 9, we are challenged to view problems through God’s power, rather than a human perspective. I pray the truths I share with you will encourage you, motivate you, challenge you, and help you finish the year strong.


  1. We, as God’s children, have the Power living within us that heals the sick, raises the dead to life, drives out demons, and overcame the world. Our Father has already overcome the whole world!
  2. Before Jesus fed the 5,000+ people, He knew what His Father was capable of doing. When He solved problems through His Father’s power, people were amazed and needs were more than met. 
  3. Jesus always does more than what’s expected. He took a meal that would normally feed one person, and used it to feed 5,000+ people! He could have sent the men and their families away to find food, but He wanted to personally meet their needs.
  4. We may not think we have much to offer, but God can use and multiply it in bigger ways than what we could ever dream of. Have you ever thought about the little boy who gave Jesus the fish and loaves of bread? That little boy could have been selfish, but he wasn’t. It leaves me to think he had faith in what God could do. The boy invested what he had into what he could not see because he trusted in the One Whose power is unlimited. What you have to offer is important to God, and can change the lives of those around you! Never forget the importance of your life, gifts, talents, or time. God has bigger things in store for you than what you can even imagine. Hand him your best, and trust Him with the rest. He is always for you, fighting for you, and loves you!

Let’s remember these truths as we finish out the year strong!

Here for you,


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