How to Find Your Gifts

Gifts come wrapped in paper, bags, and bows. Only the Giver of the gift knows what’s been placed inside of something until the gift is unwrapped. Gifts are special. They come from loved ones. They are usually things we long for and enjoy.

I’m sure you are familiar with the gifts others have. You’re convinced the girl in first period never hits the snooze button in the mornings. She always seems to be cheerful and full of joy. Your cousin can sing better than people on TV. Your sibling makes straight A’s without ever studying. You’re always hearing and seeing the good things other people have and thrive in. Perhaps you question if, maybe, there’s something special within you as well.

Let me tell you, friend, that there’s a spark within you. It was placed there by God when He created you. He has a detailed plan on using your gifts to change the world for His glory.

Gifts are most special when wrapped up. It is fun and exciting for God to watch you unwrap what He has hidden deep inside of you. He wants to see your reaction to discovering your gift! He will pay attention to how you use it. 


“Where your deep gladness meets the world’s deep sadness” is another way to describe gifts. They’re things that bring us joy, excitement, and passion.

How can you find and discover your gifts?

  1. Reflect on your childhood.

What did you enjoy doing as a child? God created the gifts He’d give us before the creation of the World. He isn’t going to wait until we’re old to start stirring them within us. Jesus starts developing our gifts within us when we are young. Did you enjoy playing school, feeding and mothering dolls or stuffed animals, interacting with other kids at church, singing at VBS, or attempting to play an instrument? Pay attention to what brought you joy as a child!

  1. Rid your life of distractions.

What are you feeding yourself? We overflow with what we fill ourselves up with. To hear God’s voice, we need to be seeking Him through His Word, prayer, and Godly counsel. Unhealthy relationships and focuses can hinder us in loving and serving God fully. We have to make sure we are choosing what is better.

  1. Realize what you have that others need.

There are so many broken and hurting people. You never know what your word of encouragement, kind conversation, song, strength, story, finances, or friendship may mean to them. As I was reminded at the Youth Theology Institute, we need to approach every day with divine appointments.

God has given us hope so we can help others. He has given us trials so we can teach others about triumphs.

Gifts are meant to be used to reach people for God’s kingdom. They aren’t limited to leadership, teaching, serving, photography, singing, or athletics. There are millions of gifts that God has created and given. Each one is equally important and unique. Don’t compare your gift to the person beside you. Find your spark, grow and develop it, and be amazed by how God uses it.


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