Born to Stand Out

“I don’t fit in at school”, whispered my little cousin. She realized she was different, but didn’t know it was a good thing.

Do you find yourself standing out more than fitting in? Are you struggling to keep up with the latest trends, and constantly feeling pressure to be in a relationship?

We all face and have to fight these thoughts. When they creep into our minds, we have to commit them to God and fill ourselves with truth.

You have been created by the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. The Creator of the Universe is your Daddy. What He thinks and says about you is more important than anything else. His blood washes over you. You are forgiven in His name. You don’t have to keep walking in shame or guilt. He has called you to live in His freedom. He knew every decision you’d make before you were born. He chose to die for you knowing the times you’d hurt Him. He finds so much joy in redeeming you. You were called to so much more than obsessing over social media, seeking love in lust, and trying to keep up with standards that are temporary and fleeting. 

If you’re not fitting in, you’re actually in the right spot. That means you aren’t like those around you, but, rather, your Heavenly Father. You’re constantly striving to be made more in His image than anything else. You’re a rare jewel. You are set apart. You’re gifted in an unique way to change this world for our Father’s glory. You’re beautiful, loved, and worthy of Jesus’ blood in God’s eyes.

If you find yourself standing out, instead of fitting in, you’re making God proud. You’re making a difference with your life. Keep being different. God calls us to stand out and shine bright. Our faith should be more than evident in everything we say, think, touch, and do.

I challenge you to:

  1. Be the one who walks away from what is wrong
  2. Be the one who doesn’t settle for less
  3. Be the one with high standards and God-sized dreams
  4. Be the one who takes the road less traveled  (Matthew 7:13-14)

To hear more about living Undeniably His in a world full of peer pressure, click the link below to watch a talk show segment I was blessed to be apart of!

Yahweh Christian Broadcast with Elkie Brabble and Haley Wade




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