Make it Happen

“When the time is right, I, The Lord, will make it happen.” These words keep being brought to my mind and impressed upon my heart. Although it’s stated a little differently, Isaiah 60:22 carries the same meaning.

What’s God trying to say?

He’s much more present in our world today than we’d ever dare to believe. He knows each and every intricate detail of the events and decisions happening in our country. He sees the chaos, division, and unity.

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” -John 1:5

You’re living, breathing, and where you are right now for a divine purpose. Do you even realize the amount of lost people you associate with daily? Are you rooted and grounded in your faith and relationship with Jesus?

God doesn’t enjoy watching you run from Him. In fact, it hurts His heart. He gave up His life to be apart of yours. Do you know Him as your Lord and Savior?

Life is not meant to be lived without Him. The desire and craving we feel within us will never be satisfied until the day Jesus becomes our everything.

The darkness may be prevalent, but God is all powerful!

Jesus died, rose again, and continues to work on your behalf daily to give you freedom. His love is passionate, kind, graceful, serene, and overwhelming. Once you taste it, you’ll continue to come back for more.

While Jesus was on Earth, He was light to those living in darkness, but not like them.

Who are you impacting?

The cry of my heart is to look back on this season of my life, and see how God was doing miracles in, through, and around me.


The reason we wake up in the mornings is to love God, grow closer to Him, and point others to Him. Our world is so desperate for the Good News we obtain. We must not keep it to ourselves.

How’s your prayer life?

Are we just wanting God-sized dreams or are we seeking God’s face for them? Are our prayers self centered or are they being used to build Heaven for eternity?

Let’s commit every desire we have to God, and serve Him faithfully now where we are placed. In His timing, He will establish all things He has spoken to us. As my youth pastor reminded our students last night, David, in the Bible, was a shepherd before he was a king. God chooses to do great works and miracles in, during, and through our humble obedience.

“You’re placed where you are now because that’s where God needs you most.”

-Pastor Mitch Sugg

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