Know who You’re Fighting

Spiritual warfare is no joke. The enemy is constantly seeking to devour God’s children.

Sometimes we have to literally remind the enemy that we’re not afraid of him. We have already overcome him and his army because of Jesus’ power that lives within us.

Read the following words as a victory song:


You know your time is more limited than mine is. I am clothed in Light. Light Himself lives within me. I will never be shaken. You are a liar. You kill, steal, and destroy. You are pitiful to say the least. You’re weak, but my God is strong. My God has already defeated you, death, hell, and the grave. Hallelujah!

You are busy and up to no good. Good does not exist in you. You do not have authority. You do not have power over my mind, heart, or life. Just so you’re aware, I cheer Jesus on as He kicks you in the teeth. You have no stronghold on my life or in my home. Flee. Right now. You know what’s coming. The name of Jesus. The name of Jesus makes mountains jump. Jesus’ name turns darkness into light. Jesus’ name provides safety and peace. Jesus’ name is a tower, refuge, and shield.

Just a warning, enemy, know Who you are messing with. It’s not me. It’s not my family or my friends. You’re messing with the One and only Lord Almighty! At His name, you flee. You’re kicked in the teeth. You fall. You stand defeated. You lose the battles you fight because my Jesus has already won!

This is your warning. I will not tolerate you. You will not plant weeds in my mind, life, or home.

I stand victoriously forgiven, redeemed, chosen, worthy, called, and dearly loved by God.

I already know Jesus is and will continue to use my life to help lost people find true Light and Life in Him. I do not play for your team, enemy. Just so you know Who you’re messing with, it’s not me. My Daddy is my Shield and my Defender. Jesus comforts and carries me when I am weak. He is my song of peace. He has carried me this far and will forever go before me.

Just so you know Who you’re messing with, it’s not me. You’re powerless, Satan. My Father uses the things you intend for evil to accomplish His many purposes for good. Heaven is my home. While my body has breath in it, I’m changing this World for God’s glory. Jesus is my Strength, Protector, and Shield. You’re fighting against the One Who has already won.


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