Live Original Tour 2017

One of my mom’s closest friends, Mrs. Jenny, planned a trip to Myrtle Beach for her family and church’s youth group to go to the Live Original Tour. She kindly invited my family to be a part of the blessing! About a week after my family was invited, my mom casually told me about it. She did not even realize it was the same tour I had been talking about for a few years! God is so good to us! He doesn’t just know the desires of our hearts. He acts upon them. 

In this post, I want to share with you what God has been revealing to me and depositing within me.

“I am calling you to places no one else wants to go. Places that aren’t safe or clean. My people need Me. I live inside of you and I am the Hope of the World. I am calling you to places no one else wants to go. Other people may not understand this purpose I have given you. That is okay. You know clearly I have called you to this. My Presence is found in the most broken places. My joy is transparent in the face of destruction and loss. My children know My voice, and they follow after Me. I have not called you to an ordinary life of comfort. Drop the masks. Strive for excellence, not perfection. I delight in you, My child. Are you delighting in Me alone? Does the way you live your life testify that I am enough for you? Do not be seeking me in worthless and temporary things. Stop doing and start being. Focus on Me.”

Jesus has been reminding me of His friendship. He is not just my Creator and Father. He is my best friend. God wants His very best for me, and doesn’t let me settle for anything less.

I had another “this is living” moment this past weekend. God whispered, “Don’t you see now why you do not need to settle for what’s familiar? Look at this. This is what I have made you for. Planning conferences, speaking, writing books, and using all of your gifts to bring Me glory and build My kingdom.”


“Wait patiently for the fearless, bold, passionate and called man of Me who I have to be your husband. Do not worry about him. I know him intimately. He is My son. Just keep your eyes on Me, daughter. Run after Me as hard as you can. Pray with everything within you. Do not try to figure out the roles people play in your life. I will make Myself and My plans known. Your future husband is loving and serving Me. You keep doing the same. Each of you were not made for each other. Both of you were made for Me. I delight in each of you, and know how much more effective you will be in My kingdom together. I will bring you together in My timing.

Ditch religion and dive into your personal relationship with Me. Mark your Bible up. Meditate on each verse. Pray with passion and intensity. Persevere through each trial. Dream even bigger God-sized dreams.”


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