Freshness over Familiarity

There is so much of God that we have yet to discover because we have limited faith.

Limited faith sometimes looks like going to church, serving with all of our free time, and reading prayer books while also neglecting personal intimacy with our Father. Pastor Christian Powell said,“Time spent with God is more important than time spent for God.”

God is actually more concerned about our hearts than our efforts. 

When we seek God for who He is, not for what we can get, He reveals Himself to us in such deep and personal ways.

Doing things for the kingdom of God is a result of being in the Presence of God.

We cannot pour Truth into others if we, ourselves, are empty of Truth.

The devil knows how powerful our time with God is. God loves to give and reveal His dreams and plans to us. He shares hints of my future to me. I am reminded that I am very weak on my own, but with Christ, I am unstoppable.

God does not want fancy prayers and perfectly positioned quiet times from us. He already knows our deepest hurts and desires. He is with us in the messiness. During the hardest season of my life, Christ saw purpose in me. He knew I needed help. Jesus wasn’t afraid of the process of restoring my mind and heart. He never pushed me away. Instead, He constantly came after me. God worked on my behalf even when I didn’t ask Him to.

Jesus is not confined to our coffee cups and wall art sayings. God is breathing. He is living in an amazing amount of people, places, and things.

Are our to-do lists and busy schedules limiting the power of God in our lives?

We must take a deep look into ourselves, our priorities, and where we are giving our time.

As Dale Delaney said, “Less is more.” While listening to his Stress is Bad sermon, God did a work in my heart. Recently, I have been giving myself and my time to different committees at school, my siblings, my parents, my grades, my photography business, and my ministries. Along with all of those things, I have been reading God’s Word but challenged to love God with freshness over familiarity.

Dale, being used by God, said a few things I want to share with you!

  1. Apply Scripture to you personally.
  2. Are you going to let something define you or are you going to define it?
  3. Do not let stress limit your impact in the kingdom of God.
  4. Your identity is not based off of what you can do, but what God has already done.
  5. If you keep something private, you have no accountability.
  6. You are not meant to do life alone.
  7. Jesus did not wait for the disciples to come to Him. Jesus went to the disciples Himself. Do not wait for people to come to you before you start mentoring and ministering unto them. You have a responsibility to reach out to people first.
  8. Use your past to invest into someone else’s future.
  9. Flock to Jesus no matter what is going on.
  10. Stress is a tool the enemy uses to kill, steal, and destroy. God is and gives Life and Victory.

Whatever you are going through, friend, I pray God meets your need. I pray you see Him for Who He truly is. I pray we will feast upon Him constantly, and be full of His joy.

With love,



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