The Delight Movement 2018

The Delight Movement has been on the forefront of my mind since this past fall. It was birthed into my spirit at the United Conference this past summer whenever Pastor Daniel Gray prophesied over me. Pastor Daniel was a guest speaker and did not know me, but he knew the God Who knows everything about me!

God told me He was going to use my words in an even greater way than He currently was.

I knew God had called me to plan a night of Godly community for middle and high school girls. As I was praying for specifics and direction, God brought the word delight to my attention at least once a day. Psalms 37:4 became my theme verse. It says,“Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”

I wanted to encourage girls to delight in God before they desired anyone or anything else.

Around November, I sat down with a chocolate fudge sundae in my hand and began dreaming up what God had in store for the vision He gave me. I knew I needed a few months to plan The Delight Movement. Therefore, I waited until the new year to really start advertising it.

God blessed my efforts in bigger ways than I could have even imagined! A video I posted on Facebook received over three thousand views, over twenty people volunteered to help, and about sixty girls planned to attend The Delight Movement!

As God was working behind the scenes so powerfully, the enemy was too. In January, my siblings and I were in a car accident on the way to school. I was driving my car (Valerie) whenever I saw headlights coming directly towards me! I veered as far right on the road as I could to avoid a ditch full of water and a head-on collision.

On the way home from school the day of our accident, God showed me a rainbow! He had thwarted the plans of harm set out against me and my siblings. He reminded me and my loved ones that life on Earth is temporary. He challenged us to live for what truly matters for eternity.

The Sunday after the car accident, a sweet man from my church, Mr. Bobby, was used by God to invest into the ministry of The Delight Movement. His generosity and kind spirit touched me deeply. God used Mr. Bobby to remind me of His goodness!

Each time the enemy tried to bring discouragement, God brought extra encouragement!

On February 5th, Mrs. Elkie Brabble had my mom and I on her talk show named Yahweh Christian Broadcast! Being able to share such an incredible opportunity with my mom is something I’ll always treasure. My mom briefly shared her testimony along with parenting tips while I talked about The Delight Movement.

The Delight Movement was held this past Saturday, February 17, 2018, at my church’s chapel! We had around 85 people attend, sixty of those people being teenage girls. We were all together for four hours.

God actually changed up my schedule! He knew how everything needed to go in order for certain people to hear certain things! Also, many girls told me how God had miraculously worked it out for them to come to TDM!

While my sister Darby and I are both passionate about ministry, our personalities are completely different. God gave her musical abilities while He gave me a love for words. He knew we did not need to be the same. Rather, we needed to be different in order to complement each other best. I was so humbled and proud of my little sister for leading other girls closer to God’s heart through her love of music.

Countless people were praying and fasting for The Delight Movement! We were passionately praying chains would be broken, souls would be saved, lives would be rededicated to God, seeds would be planted, and God alone would be magnified and glorified!

At the end of The Delight Movement, we asked girls to write down what God had done in their lives. Reading through those sticky notes was beyond rewarding and humbling!

I am so excited to tell you that at least three girls received salvation, at least three girls rededicated their lives to Christ, countless chains were broken, and many seeds were planted!

At The Delight Movement, girls experienced a true encounter with God! We all were ministered unto and blessed by being in God’s Presence together! I am amazed at how God turned my “weakness” into my most powerful gift and weapon. In ninth grade, I had one procedure and two surgeries in my mouth. I was battling anxiety and feared public speaking, even though I knew God was calling me to it. In the past two years, God has healed my mouth and given me a spirit of freedom rather than fear. It is my desire to see my sisters in Christ and sisters who are not yet found in Christ fall madly in love with their Creator.

In my first sermon, I reminded the girls that they are chosen, beautiful, and loved. During our second session together, I was able to share how we, believers, can live victoriously by being intentional daily.

The Delight Movement was not about me in any way. It wasn’t about Darby. It wasn’t about the food, games, or giveaways either. It was solely about God our Father and Him accomplishing His purpose.

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord. “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” -Isaiah 55:8-9

God outdid Himself at The Delight Movement to say the least! I am still so in awe that He, the God Who used Billy Graham and countless others, is the same God Who chooses to use me! He wants to use all of us, but not all of us are committed to the cause of Christ.

People with a platform are no greater than those who serve and love on the sidelines. 

God has a unique and special purpose for all those who call on Him. Have you called on Him?

It is in the moments of “ordinary” that God prepares us for moments of extraordinary.

Never run away from or ignore the stirrings of the Holy Spirit. As Pastor Ben Prescott said at the Forward Conference, “The calling God has on your life does not just affect you. The calling on your life is strong enough to touch millions of lives and change the World!”

If Billy Graham had run away from or ignored the stirring of the Holy Spirit in his life, millions of souls would not be in Heaven today.

I am so humbled to know God chose me and gave me specific gifts to help others find true life in Him. I did not accomplish The Delight Movement by myself. My parents, siblings, teachers, family, and church body invested into this ministry. We cannot even describe the joy we are filled with knowing God broke chains and brought His daughters back to Himself. There was not a heart untouched by the Holy Spirit Saturday night. God is continuing to work and I cannot wait to see how He forever uses The Delight Movement to change this World for Him!

With a heart full of love and thankfulness,



2 thoughts on “The Delight Movement 2018

  1. The Delight Movement was such a wonderful reminder for us “older” gals as well! It is so refreshing to see young hearts on fire for Christ!
    Love you and your dear family Haley!

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