Five Truths I was Reminded of While Being Without my Car

Today I got my car back from a collision repair shop. It was gone for an exact month due to an accident in January.

God used a month without my car to remind me of a few truths!

1. To cling only to Him

My sweet friend Natalie Dodd, who is a freshmen in college this year, described her journey of comfort with me this fall. She is miles away from home without any of her family members. She is at Liberty University chasing after God’s heart most passionately and clinging onto Him as her Power Source! While I was at CFAW (College for a Weekend) in September, I struggled thinking about leaving my family for college. I, personally, am extremely close to my family and love the place I get to call home. Natalie reminded me that leaving home for college is one of the first steps of growing up. College is a time when you leave comfort for the call of Christ. I am no longer worried about leaving home. God has been teaching me that He alone is where my identity and comfort can be found. I am not going to find true joy in my family, friends, home, church, grades, pictures, blog posts, abilities, or appearance. A prom date or boyfriend will not fill my cup up with God’s unwavering peace either.

While all of those things can be used for good and even Godly purposes, they cannot fill my longing for God Himself.

2. Beautiful things do not happen over night

An abundant, pure, passionate, contagious, and consistent relationship with Jesus Christ takes time to grow. We must not expect to be intimate with God if we are not in His Presence. We have to start seeking God where we are at with what we have. If we wait to seek Him “when we are ready”, we will never seek Him. Instead of writing down good intentions, let’s start putting action behind our convictions.

3. I am not going to get more of God if I am seeking lesser things

Sunday I ate cake for breakfast and ice cream for supper! I realize that wasn’t healthy, but I enjoyed the sweets whenever I ate them. As a result of filling myself up with sugar, I was extremely tired. Do you think I expected to be filled with energy knowing the effects of what I had consumed? No, I knew my choices were not the best for my health; but they would give me temporary pleasure. This thought applies to our spiritual lives. Whatever we fill ourselves up with will be what we overflow with. We cannot give in to temporary pleasures and expect to receive eternal blessings.

4. God does not do anything by accident

Although our prayers may not come to fruition in the ways we had planned, they will be answered in the best ways possible. God created time. He created you and I. He holds the entire World inside of His hands. He already has each page of our lives written inside of a book.

“Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.” -Psalm 139:16

We do not have to be disappointed whenever we hear unexpected things. God is our Hope and Power Source. He is in control. He only has His absolute best for our lives. Nothing can stop or stand in the way of the plans He has for us.

5. I cannot control the enemy’s attacks, but I can control how I react to them

My parents and I were originally told my car would be fixed in less than two weeks. When the day came for Valerie (my car) to be picked up, we received a phone call from the collision shop with disappointing news. They had broken a glass while trying to replace it. This process was repeated at least three times. We would look forward to getting my car only to be told another glass was broken. I did not always react to those disappointing phone calls with a good attitude. I was honestly upset and wanted to leave a bad review on the company’s website! God pricked my heart as He asked me if my attitude towards those people working on my car was bringing Him more glory.

We never know who is watching the way we act and react to the enemy’s attacks. 

Whenever we face a hard situation, we are also blessed with a huge opportunity to illuminate the darkness with light.

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” -John 1:5

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, whohave been called according to his purpose.” -Romans 8:28

As Caleb Stanley recently said, “keep stepping.” God hasn’t brought you this far to abandon you or stop using your life to touch others! The things ahead of you are greater than anything you have left behind. Don’t look back or turn back to your old ways. If the enemy is working against you, know God is working through you! You are victorious through Jesus Christ. Walk in courage. Continue to keep putting your best foot forward.


I am here for you and love you!


2 thoughts on “Five Truths I was Reminded of While Being Without my Car

  1. Haley this was so uplifting! I face the same struggle with having gratitude and sometimes losing that gratitude in times when I’m aggravated, and this has really spoken to me! Thank you!

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