Active Faith // Being Held

Driving home from my community college yesterday, intense pressure from the Lord laid upon my chest. It was a moment with the Lord in awe of seeing His hands at work in my life even more.

I know my Father is faithful, and looking back over our journey together always confirms that. I have been living under the mission to “cultivate faithfulness” in this current season I am in. I’ve been showing up to my community college four days a week (I thankfully got Fridays off this semester), taking notes in class, engaging in conversations with my classmates, rushing home, checking the mail, preparing to speak for different services, and genuinely enjoying the Lord.

My heart has experienced many highs and lows. I know we all face different days, moods, and circumstances. It is just crazy looking back and knowing our lives are being woven into something far greater than we even realize.

Active faith. Where does it come in? I received a curveball yesterday and told my mom I was coming home with big news. After telling her to sit down and her choosing to still stand, I exclaimed that my academic counselor declared my major will require me to attend Liberty sooner than I was expecting. 

Going into this school year, I knew Pitt was where the Lord placed me to use me most. There were many reasons for me not moving away right out of high school. As the past few months have been unfolding, I have been beyond grateful for the countless opportunities I have had as an advantage of living at home another year. Not receiving any specific directions on what to do with college year number two, I’ve been assuming I’d be at Pitt again doing my local ministry and life.

Today marks a place where I know I witnessed God gently opening up doors before me to see yesterday.

The last time I applied to Liberty, I was on top of things and even accepted before my senior year of high school. I was adamant about getting there while praying over every step. 

God closed the door of me rushing to Liberty so soon. He has removed people from my life that I have held onto. He has helped me embrace the fact that friendships don’t look the same for every season of life. Jesus has been becoming the only desire of my heart literally and not just in my intentions. He is ridding me of the idol of marriage and preparing me for the calling He will gracefully place me into. I’ve been blessed being apart of my church’s new college and young adult ministry life group. While my mom and I were able to teach our kindergarteners at church last month, one little girl learned that Jesus was an actual person. She thought He was just someone we talked about a lot. My heart explodes thinking of the Cultivate girls night where the Holy Spirit interrupted the message I was sharing and literally fell onto every girl in the room. I think of going to Raleigh to capture the love of Jesus shining in my friend and her sweet fiancé. 

I’ve been saying I am the “single sister” instead of “housewife” helping cook dinner and stay on top of laundry.

I have honestly been throwing away mail sent from Liberty just because I thought I would be here at home longer.

It seems like I usually struggle to embrace a season and then end up sitting on its legs never wanting to let go.

I so often hear people talk about the Lord’s timing and how things occur when we least expect them to. I am seeing this to be true in my own life.

Why am I sharing all of these details with you? I believe we must have active faith. Claiming and clinging onto God’s promises is a vital thing for every day of life, but even more effective whenever we are needing to believe them over our own circumstances.

Where are you at in this season of your life? What have you already seen God do?

I’m sinking into His goodness today because I know He has never failed me once in the past. He may drive us through different routes than the ones we know, but Jesus’ roads are always better. 

I know God is faithful.

I know He is not just into providing, but He is my Provision.

I know I lack no good thing. He is my Shepherd.

I am going to be placed where God can use and grow me most.

Nothing can stop or stand in the way of the plans He has in store for my life.

Stop stressing. I know the unknown before you may seem daunting. The financial aspect of things may appear out of control. Don’t leave your faith on the shelf whenever messy or scary circumstances pop up. God has got you! You are prepared for this. As you have been seeking the Lord’s face, He has been instilling truths within you.

You aren’t in control of your life. God is. If He wants us to be somewhere this time next year, I am choosing to believe He will place us there.

We serve and have a Good Father. He is One who longs to give us good gifts. His resources know no limits.

Whether you are preparing for college, marriage, a new baby, a different part of your life, or whatever else, do not be afraid. Remember Who holds you. 

Being held by my Dad,



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