Cultivate Faithfulness

One of the most intense things I was praying through over the summer was what to do with my girls Bible study! As a senior at a brand new school, the Lord constantly kept showing me reasons why I was placed where I was. Before leaving the school I had grown up in, the Holy Spirit let me know it was time to go minister to new people. 

It has now almost been a year since Renew Bible study started. It was a God-started and a God-ordained Bible study! There is no denying the Lord’s hand in the beginning and process of it. The girls and I outgrew our first classroom the first week! The first day meeting together was the day Jesus took my public speaking training to another level! He was preparing me for many speaking opportunities to come down the road. 

After graduating this past June, I was still unsure of who to leave my girls to. I did not have peace on any side. I did not feel God show me anyone to start mentoring for leading the group. Yes, there were girls willing to lead, but I only wanted a God chosen and called leader for this role. This led to me questioning if me not going to Liberty yet was an intentional part of keeping Renew going. Maybe I could still lead Bible study on Fridays if it worked out with my college class schedule. All of these thoughts were running through my mind! Also, a lot of the girls I became really close to would not be attending the same school our Bible study was formed in. They chose to go to different high schools this year. Parents and students kept asking me what we were going to do!

God never fails! He never fails, but His plans and pieces of wisdom may come at times we don’t expect. Many of the most important things in my life have been birthed from seasons of passionate praying. While God does reveal Himself to us personally each day and answers prayers in quick seconds, I believe He is purposely crafting our hearts while we wait for His answers.

While thinking about the Bible study situation, I was also experiencing disappointment by God not sending my prince charming husband in the season I thought He was. I know you may be laughing as you read this, but I promise every part serves a purpose in this post! My heart was confused and honestly hurting over some things.

College was coming up. I knew God had clearly showed me the school to go to. It wasn’t Liberty where I dreamed of first going. It was a local school I tried to always avoid. It was the one school I did not want to go to! I chuckle to myself thinking about this.

Sitting and praying on a pretty pink and green towel near the woods, Daddy Jesus gave me another vision. He was healing my heart, making me whole, giving me His plans, and letting me know school was going to be all right! I had a mission for being there. He had placed me where He could use me the most. Joy started spilling back into me. Hope was not far away. It was here. I was ready for what God wanted to do next. 

Hungering for Him, Jesus gave me the ministry of Cultivate! It would be a once a month girls ministry for the girls I used to lead in high school, girls at my church, old friends from my childhood, friends of the girls I know, girls in the community, and anyone God would send me to love on. It is a new season of life, and Renew Bible study was God’s purpose for the time of last year. He has something incredibly new to meet the needs of His daughters this year.

I love how names carry meaning and inspiration. A name is not just a group of letters clustered together. “Cultivate” was placed inside of my spirit and has been blossoming into a personal statement for me lately. 

While on Instagram, I saw a picture of the verse Psalm 37:3 (NASB). It says, “Trust in the LORD and do good; Dwell in the land and cultivate faithfulness.” This verse also stands out to me because it comes right before Psalm 37:4 which many of us cling onto. The NIV version of it says, “Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4 was the theme verse behind The Delight Movement which God gave me to plan over two years ago! The verse showed me God was to be the greatest desire and deepest delight of my life. I didn’t need to just seek Him to get the other things I wanted.

Here I am now in a place of total dependency upon God. I can finally tell Him, “I just want You.” It’s okay I don’t have my future husband bringing me flowers, taking us on picnics, or here for me to serve Jesus with now. There is a reason why my Dad has me here as I am. I also have been realizing how much more I need to love God and know His love for me before even thinking of loving my future husband in person.

I am at my community college (the one I first did not want to go to). Every day is full of surprises. I love my school, the people I meet, the life stories I am hearing, handing out blog cards, and hoping to brighten people’s days. I am living at home (aka my favorite place in the world), getting to do life with my parents and siblings, going to lunch with my mom, helping start a college ministry at my church, still serving other ages and groups in my church, speaking at other local churches, writing, having my time with Jesus in our woods, meeting up with friends or old Bible study girls for Chick-fil-A or coffee, and genuinely seeing God where I am at.

This is the meaning of cultivating faithfulness. How are you cultivating faithfulness right where God has placed you in this season? I know you are ready to be done with college, have a ring on your finger, a baby in your arms, a new job, a better car, or a cuter wardrobe. There are things we all have as desires in our hearts. I challenge you to make Jesus your focus in this season and forever. Will you join me in being faithful where He has placed us? Let’s love the seasons of life God has placed us in. I dare you to make a list of reasons why this season of your life is beautiful.

I am now thanking God every day for having me at home, in my local church, and at my community college. There are more than a million reasons why He didn’t want me to go away for school yet. That day will come, but there are hearts for me to help touch in the now. Why do you think God has placed you right where you are at? Who is around you for you to minister unto? There is no mistake in where you are placed. 

Cultivating faithfulness looks like showing up to meet with the Lord on a daily basis. It is whispering His Name in class as other spirits are seeking to stir. It is looking crazy to others because of having full fledge conversations out loud with Jesus in your car. It is having courage to tell a classmate, co-worker, or family friend that they are loved, are valued, and have purpose. 

Cultivating faithfulness looks like showing up and resting well so that you can be of most use to those around you. It is texting encouragement to the precious people God lays on your mind. It is sending cards to change the course of someone’s day. It is talking to a stranger at a restaurant. 

Our God is real, alive, and active, my friends! Those are things the enemy has tried to make me question in the first month of freshman year. The fight against those thoughts has resulted in God revealing His strength, creativity, and power to me even more.

There is beauty in today and this season. How are we going to cultivate faithfulness? How are YOU already cultivating faithfulness in your every day life? Leave a comment below!


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