Saved in the Sea

Those who live with me wake up fully prepared to hear what I dreamed about during the night. Sometimes the dreams are animated, full of emotion, and full of color. I am just waking up from a dream, but I believe this one carries a message for us today. 

I found myself on a cruise ship and was seeing so many people from my old school! I was bouncing around greeting people and excited to see old familiar faces. While bouncing around on the fully loaded ship, I also found myself struggling. One girl wanted me to help her do something, and I refused without being too nice. Other events took place that didn’t point to me having Godly character.

The next part of my dream consisted of our nice cruise ship being surrounded by raging waters and old wooden boats packed with people. They had a battle to fight, and they were going after the enemy themselves. They were armed with oars to paddle but were headed right to destruction across the water.

Other individuals and I in the dream jumped out of our nice boat and started following the people heading into battle. We didn’t have any weapons or paddling devices. We were devastatingly helpless. The waters full of unknown creatures began to surge, and the boards of my boat broke apart. I was then left helpless in the scary water with battles going on all around me. I tried climbing up to the boat I once rested in with joy, victory, and love. The Captain was there, and I asked Him if I could come back in! He told me I couldn’t. At this time, there wasn’t a way for me to get back to Him. 

As I was left to drown or try to swim to another ship full of the mounds of people, I felt the waters change. Jesus was sent out by God to save me. He dove underneath the water, wrapped His strong arms around me, and was pierced by an arrow into His side. This didn’t stop Him from saving me though. Jesus carried me. He didn’t allow me to get to the boats of unbelievers heading to an eternity in Hell. 

Jesus is diving into your life today however scary, sad, or dark it may seem. God created the world in beauty desiring intimacy with you and me. Sin, the bad things we do, created a barrier between our intimacy with God. His love birthed Jesus, and Jesus willingly died and rose again in our place so that we can spend eternity with Him in Heaven. Nails went through Jesus’ hands and feet. A spear did pierce Jesus’ side. 

You don’t have to keep struggling in the waters of sin and failure today. You don’t have to drown to depression, anger, anxiety, or unbelief. I promise you that Jesus is diving into your circumstance and wants to carry you to safety. His greatest desire is to spend eternity with you in Heaven. 

You can be saved today. Whenever you feel Jesus tugging at your heart, don’t turn away. Ask Him to be the Lord and King of your life. You want Him to cleanse you from the dirty and sinful things you have done. You know He is God. He is all-powerful. You want to spend eternity with Him in Heaven, and make a difference with your life for Him on earth now. Believe He has saved you, and confess Him as your Lord. You are being pursued by God Himself today, loved one. I pray you know how deeply He is diving after you. Hold on to Him. Don’t let go.


4 thoughts on “Saved in the Sea

  1. Hi Haley….My husband and I met you today at SB. Please add me to your email list. I would love to stay in touch. I know God will use you for His glory!!

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    1. Hello, Mrs. Belinda! Thank you so very much for wanting to keep in touch with me! Meeting you and your husband was a blessing yesterday! I would love to add you to my email list! Thank you for your encouragement! What is your email?? If you would like to send it to me personally, you can do so by emailing!


    1. Hey, Mrs. Jennifer!! I just added her to the email list! She should have gotten an email to confirm the subscription! 🙂 I am doing well and hope you guys are too! Thankful for y’all!


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