At a Stop Light // Just Wait

Hello, friend! I am currently sitting at a desk directly across from opening doors inside of my college building. People keep passing by and my curious self wants to keep looking up. It is sometimes hard for me to focus on the task right in front of me as I want to engage with all those who pass by me!

This actually relates to what I have had on my heart recently. Jesus opened up the doors for me to go to Liberty by sharing information with me this past fall. I was in a season of thinking I would be at this community college for two years since I had not yet received any other direction from the Lord. I started ignoring Liberty’s phone calls and chided away from wearing my LU clothing gear! While in the woods one afternoon, I felt the Lord give me specific words to keep praying. They were, “I trust You with what comes next! I trust You with what comes next! I trust You with what comes next!” 

A few weeks later or so (I cannot remember the exact timing), my “success navigator” at school plainly told me that I would need to transfer to Liberty in the fall. After this year of hard work was over, I would need to jump straight into my major classes! Whoah! I was so very humbled by the Lord, His timing, and His faithfulness! Whenever I stepped away from the situation, He showed me that He had already done all of the work.

I am now in a place where it seems unreal that my tuition for my first semester at Liberty has been paid. Miracles have happened. God has made a way! Hearts have been prepared. Jesus has obviously come through.

My next step in preparing for Liberty now consists of finding the roommate God has for me! I have prayed for this girl for years as I have tried to discern God’s will for my life and plans in college. I totally felt like I had found the right roommate from the LU housing portal but then found out she already has found someone else! 

I have honestly been so very tempted to just select my room. Of course, I already have the exact building and room number picked out. I just need the roommate to select it with me! I have then questioned just picking my room and being giddy with whoever Liberty picked to give me. I have had no peace for either of those situations.

This may seem like a small matter to you, but I know you also have very important things on your heart. It is crazy how right after God does the miracle we have prayed about for years, we jump right into needing Him to do another one.

I have been hearing the voice of the Lord inwardly tell me, “Just be still. Wait.”

“Really, Lord?” I wonder. 

Just waiting is more than being still. I believe waiting on the Lord is an act of surrender and trust. Instead of placing the responsibility of our lives on our own shoulders, God is going to fulfill His plans in His perfect timing as we trust in Him.

Sitting in this same spot at school, I just witnessed another God encounter. One of the sweet ladies who works here began telling me about her day and troubling things on her heart. We were able to seek the Lord in prayer over those things together. We, all of us, are able to have holy encounters no matter where we find ourselves daily.

I am seeing more and more reasons of the significance of my time here at college. Bypassing this important part of God’s plan for my life would have robbed me of growing and many people of blessings. 

Let’s choose to trust in Jesus’ little whispers today, my friends! He knows what is best for us. We can represent Him in everything that we do. Others see Abba shining through the cracks and crevices of your life. Don’t give up. Keep seeking Him in all that you do.

He has us. Will we be sensitive to Him and His Spirit today?


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