He is My Home

The thoughts of home are filling my mind tonight. Growing up, my parents would encourage me to appreciate the beauty of home. This sometimes consisted of me desiring to swim in a pool but improvising by using a cooler or small bucket to fill with water and sit in. I would make mud cakes and “cabbage stew” with the leaves near my family’s garage.

Now that I am older, I truly appreciate the beauty of my home. Even the grand views of Yellowstone cannot compare to the love I have for the woods and serene trees behind my house.

Home. My home is cozy. It is full of my personal things. It is where I always return after each day away. Home. It is where I eat and share meals with my family. It is where I am made clean and where I also clean dishes, clothes, and surfaces. This home has witnessed me mother many baby dolls and my younger siblings. No place in the world compares to this home for me. 

Jesus is our Home, brother or sister. He truly is my Home. As much as I love my family’s brick home located in the country, Jesus is where my soul actually finds rest. He is my Best Friend. He is where my joy is found. He is the One who holds me at night as my mind struggles to fall asleep. His Name is the One I cry out to in the middle of the night after experiencing a bad dream. Jesus is the One I am able to seek first thing every morning.

Do not let these sweet descriptions of my love for Jesus make you think my walk with Him is perfect. I have honestly been struggling for words to share with Him this week. I am thinking of a conversation my college professor had with my classmates and I the other day. He was talking about silence. Whenever my professor began teaching college students, he was intimidated of their silence after asking them thought-provoking questions. Scared of the awkward silence, my teacher would run through his whole lesson for the day in only a few minutes. A mentor shared the importance of silence with my teacher. The older professor said to just sit in silence and a response will come. 

Many of us feel like we are failing the Lord whenever we don’t have a million words to say or pray. Sometimes we can just ask Jesus to read our hearts. That has been my prayer this week. “Lord, even when I can’t formulate everything that is going on, please read my heart. Purify me and please forgive me. You know what is going on inside of me.” 

I pray that you are encouraged in the fact that Jesus has already made your God-given dreams a reality. Our little eyes cannot yet see everything He has already done. Keep being faithful and putting yourself in the places Jesus asks you to be. He is your Home. Return to Him, and you will find rest for your soul.

You are so deeply cared for. Your life has been handcrafted by our Heavenly Father. 

Desiring for you to feel God’s love over you,



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