Your Walk with Him has to Be Your Own

Hello, friend! I had my wisdom teeth removed a few weeks ago and wrote some words down after I got home from the surgery. Since my mom was taking care of me, I used one of her notebooks as it was readily available for use. God has continued to remind me to return to the words He gave so that you could hear them too. I hope and pray this message from Him speaks directly to you!


As my mom and I were walking into the oral surgery office, I asked her if she would go back there with me. I did not know if this office would let her stand by me until the serious things started happening. Mom told me, “No.” She would have to stay in another room while I went back to the procedure.

Before starting today, I asked Jesus for many things.

  1. I asked Him to reveal Jesus truths to me through this process.
  2. I asked Him to limit what would come out of my mouth. I seriously did not want to say anything crazy.
  3. His peace, confidence, and boldness was my testimony today in approaching the task ahead.

What Jesus showed me and spoke to my heart was that our parents or friends will not be standing beside us holding our hands whenever we walk into eternity and meet sweet Jesus face to face.

Our walks with Him have to be our own. If you met Jesus now face to face, would it be the encounter that led to His goodness and an eternal home in Heaven?

Jesus wants all of you, and I can say He answered the prayers for today in the best ways.


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