Cherishing the Word of God

I brought out many of my childhood Bibles a few nights ago. My “first thoughts of Jesus”’ page in one of them simply had a big smiley face on it. I remember the night I highlighted verses in my children’s Bible. My children’s pastor encouraged me and other students to daily read God’s Word. We had “Bible bookmarks” to lead us into certain passages of Scripture.

My next Bible was one my older cousin gave to me when I was ten years old. She had received it as a birthday gift years before passing it down to me. I always read through the passages of Scripture on the page she had bookmarked with a SpongeBob sticky note.

My Bible after that one was a NIV version that I could study better. It also was made with devotions for teen girls.

In my junior year of high school and wanting more writing space in my Bible, I started eyeballing the CSB She Reads Truth copy of Scripture. My engraved name is now rubbed off of it. I lined the first page of each book (of the Bible) with white and gold washi tape.

Many of the pages in my Bible are highlighted or marked up.

I still have and treasure every copy of Scripture within my possession.

I can’t help but marvel at the Word of God.

As I sit before the Bible, the tools of God’s Word start popping out and working on me.

There has been many moments whenever I witness the Lord’s revelation of Scriptures where I seem to be in a trance.

God will connect stories of His Word and show me how His hand is through it all.

Ever since giving my life to be in right relationship with Jesus completely at the age of thirteen, I haven’t wanted to miss a day of reading God’s Word.

I have to admit there are days where my attention is given to other things. Sometimes I sadly push away delving deep into God’s Word because I just do not feel like digging in. Some days I have read the Word just as it was a part of my morning routine.

In middle school, I only got my schedule to accept God’s Word at night. I soon realized how much I needed His Truth to carry me through each day.

Some days I have doubted the God I love and serve. He has revealed Himself to me by showing me a life without Him.

I’m not perfect. The cracks in my life point me to the One true God who gives GRACE.

My mistakes remind me that I am not as holy or exactly like God as much as I try to be.

God’s Word is one of my closest friends. In middle school, I heard that people become professionals at the things they spend an hour on each day.

If I was going to be a professional on anything, I wanted it to be in God’s Word.

As a nineteen year old girl still running after the Word Himself and frequently finding myself not spending as much time with Him as I should, I’m growing an awareness for the power and prevalence of God.

He is my Hope. I want to be found WITH HIM.

God’s Word is unfading. It is gentle, bold, convicting, encouraging, and 100% TRUE.


How do you continue to grow and appreciate the Bible of God who has changed you?


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