Stepping Into the New

I came home from vacation in the dark. My family returned to a home void of all electricity. We left a beach house pumping with power only to come lay in a house stuffy with heat and tiny sources of light. Fumbling around in the dark, I walked up the stairs to my front porch hoping to see the state of my potted plant. To my surprise, it had grown exponentially during the few days I had left it. A family friend may had been coming to water it, but I was still shocked at the results of the plant I simply left alone. 

My mom and I both are diligent in tending the plants we call ours daily. Coming home and seeing my daisy plant twirling in growth reminded me of how Jesus expands our love for Him even when we feel most distant to Him.

Maybe we sometimes struggle to see the Lord because He is so dwelling within us.

Before going on vacation, my spirit, body, and mind was tired and drained. There are less than twenty days left until I step into Liberty University and call it my new home. For so many years, my roots have been sinking deep in Christ and watered by the community around me. I have grasped some truly amazing friends and opportunities. Before leaving for vacation, the Lord successfully helped me close out my time leading a young adult college ministry and my girls ministry called Cultivate. 

I am reminded of a quote I read in my She Reads Truth CSB Bible this morning. “Every day, average obedience in the same direction is the simple thing that changes the world.”

Brother or sister, today is a day unlike any other. God recently shared this convicting and helpful thought with me: “What if every time you looked back was a setback to receiving what I have for you?”

Just like my daisy plant, I believe God is growing me and you even when we do not realize it. We must be obedient to His calling today, tomorrow, and every other day we wake up to see. 

Do not fear stepping into the new God has in store for you. Believe that He grows you and the fruits of your life better than you ever could. The Creator of life has a much greener thumb than you do. 🙂 He is molding you and forming you for the days to come. He is teaching you things in the dark so that you know how to appreciate the light whenever it comes on. Do not fear what you cannot yet see coming. Abound in intimacy with the Father and trust that He is at the light switch waiting to usher in your next season of life. 

You are holding onto Him. That’s all you need to focus on. 

You are loved more than you know.



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