Because God is Good

A few weeks before moving to college, I took in a sermon based on God’s grace. The pastor shared that we are under a false belief if we think our good deeds gain our eternities in Heaven. This was not a new concept to me, but God shed light on areas I was living in darkness.

I confess with my mouth that my salvation is based only on Jesus’ blood and righteousness. Although this is true, my actions constantly provide a view of striving to obtain the things of God.

The “simple” message I had taken in morphed into a divine moment with God later that Sunday afternoon. The Lord, who is personal, showed me where my striving was standing in the way of me seeing Him in all facets as Savior.

In thinking of my future husband, I can list ways I have waited well for him. I can give awesome book recommendations, have the confidence of not settling on my commitment during high school, and the list continues. Sensing God was not focused on my actions of waiting well, He ripped the expectations off of me to earn what He has to give as a blessing.

Maybe you are already married but I am sure you can think of something in our own life that involves your striving. We should pursue the Lord wholeheartedly, but it is detrimental to think we are granted things based off of our own behavior.

Jesus freed me that day in letting me know that my future husband will be given BECAUSE GOD IS GOOD. I will not have a future of good things because of anything I have ever done. The gift will never arrive if it is based on a day I do enough to earn it.

Brother or sister, we all have a lot to learn but God is most focused on getting our hearts. He wants our attention. I am realizing more and more that our view of Him is clouded because of the things we are desiring. Let God be God for you. We should come to His Word ready to hear the Word of the Lord made available to us. Let’s stop approaching His Word with blinders due to only seeing Scripture in light of our circumstances.

A verse I pray over my future marriage is Isaiah 41:20 (NIV). It says, 

“so that people may see and know,

 may consider and understand,

 that the hand of the Lord has done this,

 that the Holy One of Israel has created it.”

I am reminded today that the things I have tried to formulate and craft for my life are not good. Let’s stop trying to force things that are not God’s gifts. His gifts will be things we do not have to work for and things we will be prepared for by spending time in His Presence.

Philippians 4:4 (NIV) comes to my mind. “Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!”

We should live with a constant awareness of our greatest gift of the Lord’s Presence dwelling within us! He is faithful and always on time. Do not keep pressing into a territory He has not led you. Be faithful to pursue Him. He is the greatest treasure.

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