Love in a new Perspective 

We grow up thinking we have to find someone who accepts us, looks at us with heart eyes, and wants to get married to spend life together.

I believe that God created us for such a greater purpose than seeking earthly love for ourselves.

Before we’re ready for our earthly love, we need to know where our true joy comes from. It comes from God and having a true relationship with Him. It’s seeking His heart and finding it. It’s being crazy passionate about the things He has in store for our lives.

He is the one to look to in times of troubles, and seek through every season. If we don’t love Him with everything that we are and have, then how do we expect to love others properly?

We need to trust that God will bring our future mate into our lives, in His timing, and know that true love isn’t found by seeking it for ourselves.

God brought something to my mind yesterday that seems so simple, but also brings peace. It’s that nothing can separate or stand in the way of the plans He has for our lives.

No matter where we go, if we’re seeking God about our future, we should trust that He will lead us.

We all have dreams and a longing for our special person, myself included.

I think that our perspective sometimes gets out of order, and I wanted to challenge you today to not look at this time of singleness in your life as a punishment. God wants you to be more serious about your relationship with Him, and wants to prepare you for the things ahead.

Be patient, don’t settle for less, and be your future mates’ biggest prayer warrior.

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