Eternal Blessings> Short Joys on Earth

What is your motivation (the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way) in life? What do you think of being worth all of your hard work each day?

I do hope your family came to mind, and they are excluded from what I’m about to talk about.

Is the most important thing in your life purchasing a new boat, gun, camera or wardrobe? Do thoughts of having the item consume your mind? Do you spend all of your energy working towards a material goal?

If you thought yes to any of those questions, then maybe God will show you all that He has to me today.

We work so hard for things that will soon fade away or be replaced. Why don’t we give more of our time and energy to making a difference in other people’s eternities? If we really think about it, our eternity is just that. For eternity (infinite or unending time).

Wouldn’t you rather reap a harvest of blessings in Heaven for eternity rather than have short joys here (on Earth) that will soon pass away?

God doesn’t give us “free days” where we aren’t expected to live for Him, love Him more, and reach out to His people. You woke up today with purpose. Please do not waste your potential on short joys. Give your everything to making a difference in our world, and people’s eternal souls. That’s all that really matters.

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