The Things Unseen

The purpose of this life is more about the things unseen.

A few minutes ago while praying, I found myself tired and worn out from worrying so much about temporary things. I’ve been trying to keep our house spotless, the TV controls in their designated spot, and all of the laundry folded a particular way.

Jesus reminded me that as much as a house is cleaned, it’s never going to be perfect. It’s constantly going to keep getting dirty and need to be repaired. A house is to be lived in. It is a place where you dwell with those you love most. Although homes do have to be taken care of, we must not obsess over them.

You and I are much like treasured homes. We’re God’s holy temples. We seek to live for Jesus but fall into sin daily. God is always there for us, investing into us, and making us better. We will never be perfect, but we have a Father who is invested into making us most like Himself.

Obsessing and busying ourselves with temporary things will only make us worn out and exhausted.

While in the mountains this past week, I watched a potter take a blob of clay, and make it into something beautiful. The pottery didn’t become beautiful on its own. All it did was exist and be in the hands of the potter. We are the clay that’s nothing but ugly until Jesus starts to reshape and purify us.

“Yet you, Lord, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.” -Isaiah 64:8


Seasons of the year, seasons of friendships, seasons of relationships, and seasons of passions are constantly changing.

God allowed me to be apart of someone’s life last year. He also used that person to influence my life. I was able to encourage and be there for my friend; while he helped me to enjoy the day, not be so serious, and think about things differently. As the school year ended and changes were made in our lives, I realized that our season of friendship was coming to a close.

I learned that God has a plan for us being exactly in the school, classroom, seating arrangement, family, or job we’re in. These things are not by mistake. As I look back on the season I had with my friend, I now wish I had started to invest into him way before I did. Don’t wait on anything to start making a difference today. Just because a school year or job ends on a certain day, doesn’t mean that you have that much time to spend with someone. We’re not guaranteed tomorrow.


Also, if you’re having a hard time letting go of someone, remember that you should never stop praying for them. Our prayers can do more than what we ever could do on our own.

Pastor Anthony Braswell, who spoke at the United Conference, stated, “Sermons and songs aren’t going to change the world, rather, it’s the love of Jesus shining in your life.”

As we head into a new week, remember that you’re so loved and important. The sacrifices you make and the hard work you do doesn’t go unnoticed. It’s making a difference. Let yourself rest. Stop and breathe. Invest into the people God has placed in your life. Let His light shine through you each day.



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