Being > Doing

Last school year I baked for my class and peers quite frequently. I did it to share God’s love, show that I cared about them, and somehow make a difference. Along with doing this, I would write cards. I did these things with right and pure motives, but when things start to become familiar, it’s easy to do them out of habit.

If we’re not careful, our actions will be led by what we want others to think of us. We will do “Godly” acts of kindness, and participate in christian clubs and events. Why do we do the things we’re doing? Is it to make ourselves look better or is it with pure motives? We should do all things to glorify God, and point others to Him.

I have recently been worried with the thoughts that if I am not baking, writing cards, or giving constant encouragement through material things that my fruit isn’t going to be evident. I have also wondered if my light is shining as it should be.

I heard this at the United Conference, “Jesus is more concerned with you being rather than doing.”

We’re always on the go, busy, thinking that the amount of things we’re doing defines who we are. Jesus wants us to be focused on Him. When we’re focused on Him we are growing, being molded, and will have His fruit evident in our lives without thinking twice about it. It will be what comes out, because that’s what we’re being filled with. Our flesh and spirit are in constant war.

Here are a few plans of action to take in having victory over the flesh:

  • Have meaningful time in the Bible and prayer daily
  • Invest in the friendships and things that point you closer to Christ, and set your soul more on fire for Him
  • Realize your weaknesses and pray about them
  • Focus on your beauty that comes from within
  • Be so focused on Jesus, who He is, and your relationship with Him that you’re living for an audience of One
  • Make sure you’re being spiritually fed and filled
  • Live out your faith

Let yourself rest in Jesus tonight, tomorrow, and every day. Find your peace and joy in being in Him, and watch the ways He will do things through you. Your fruit is evident. Your light is shining.

I am living and learning in His freedom.


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