During the Journey

Life is moving along so quickly! It is sometimes hard to stop on the sidelines to see how far we’ve come because we are constantly running towards what’s ahead. Although our eyes have to be focused on the finish line and the Prize, there are a few helpful tips to remember during the journey.

1. You have to rest and stay hydrated in order to persevere.

I realize how crazy busy our schedules are, but rest is vital for our health both physically and spiritually. Without daily walks and talks with the Lord, it is so easy for me to be irritable, unpleasant, and without joy. We can’t neglect our spiritual needs.

2. Don’t compare your timeline to those behind, beside, or ahead of you.

One of my favorite quotes is “Comparison is the thief of joy.” by Theodore Roosevelt. Jesus has each of us in different seasons for a reason. When we desire to be where others are at, we forget the importance of where God has us now. Instead of being jealous of people who are experiencing things we haven’t, we should be joyful for them. Although that is challenging, it is important. If our eyes are only focused on what’s behind or ahead of us, we will miss out on what God has in front of us.

3. Encourage those running beside you.

In P.E, there would always be girls running at different paces. The fast runners would be beside each other, and the slow runners (like myself) would rely on each other’s company, encouragement, and laughs to endure each mile. We shouldn’t compare ourselves to others, but we should have friends to work towards the finish line with. Having friends who share the same beliefs as we do makes the journey of life exciting. We should have friends who we can encourage, pray for, and cheer on.

4. Celebrate every victory!

After attempting to get contacts for two years, I finally got them this week! It reminded me to stop and celebrate every victory no matter how small one may seem. What have you been working towards? Life is too short to be stingy with celebration.

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