To the One who Questions Their Gifts

Your calling is not guaranteed to be easy or done without effort.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably desired to quit something before because you believed lies of the enemy, felt insecure, inadequate, and saw others doing it better.

I recently realized that my calling didn’t have to be done without effort to be meaningful. Two people I look up to, who are both undeniably gifted with musical abilities, shared that they still become nervous before a performance. Even though they are gifted with beautiful abilities to create, it isn’t always easy. They told me the nervous thoughts and emotions quickly disappear whenever they take their eyes off of themselves, and truly make it about worshiping God.

I remember sitting at the piano for hours as a young child. I desired to play it so badly, and whenever I was old enough to take lessons, I became a piano student. Being disciplined to practice every day was a pain, and I struggled with it. It became more about perfection than enjoyment. In middle school, I was embarrassed to play in front of others who were my age, and better than me. Playing piano has never been what I first tell people about myself. I went through a season where I hated it bitterly, and desired to quit. There was always something deep within me pulling against that hard decision. I decided to continue to take lessons as I entered high school with a new teacher.

Whenever we are able to accomplish something completely on our own, God’s strength is limited in the places it can shine.

I believe that God designs each human being intricately. He gives each of us a particular skin tone, color of eyes, hair, gifts, and passions. We are made up of many tiny details, and He knows each one. When did we start believing that we could only be used by God in the things we do gracefully and are proud of? My Father has convicted me to not limit the ways He can use me.

When we can’t accomplish something entirely on our own, it gives God a bigger opportunity to show Himself through us. Isn’t that our purpose? I also believe that Jesus wouldn’t invest so much into something unless He believed and saw purpose in it. What opportunities has He given you?

We are all instruments God desires to use to be apart of the most beautiful song.

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