Cries in the Desert

Jesus saved the Israelites from their enemies at the Red Sea to make His power known. The Israelites believed God’s promises, and sang praises to Him after their enemies were killed. “But they soon forgot what God had done, and did not wait for His plan to unfold. In the desert they gave in to their craving. Many times God delivered them, but they were bent on rebellion, and wasted away in their sin. Yet God took note of their distress when He heard their cry.” (verses from Psalm 106)

After God redeems us from a bad situation, answers a prayer we’ve been praying for years, and things are looking bright and positive, praising Him easily follows. Months after the good and miraculous things happen, have we forgotten what God did for us? Are we trying to make things happen on our own rather than waiting for God’s plan to unfold?

The desert is a dry place where fruit and beauty barely exist, and there is a longing for water. When we are in the desert, do we give in to our cravings? Like the Israelites, we have all wandered away from God’s truth at times, forgot His goodness, and got tired of waiting for His plan.

When God parted the Red Sea, He knew each path the Israelites would take after that day. As the people praised Him, God knew they would quickly forget what He did for them.

God knew in advance the hurt and rejection people would cause Him, but that didn’t change the way He treated or loved them.

He is more patient, forgiving, and caring than any of us could ever be.

No matter how far away we may feel from God, He hears us when we cry out to Him.

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