Just Stop

Stop. Lift your eyes from your phone, sit down, take a walk, and seek sweet conversation with the Lord. You probably don’t hear these words often. Your kids are hungry. Your house (and car) needs to be cleaned. You’re trying to juggle the responsibilities that come along with the many different roles you fulfill. You wonder if your spouse or roommate notices the things you do for them. When people ask how you’re doing, you often respond by saying “busy”.

As you live through your daily routine, there’s a Power Source within you that’s waiting to be tapped into. You may be feeling distant from the Lord today, but I beg you to remember Truth. Your Heavenly Father loves you just as much today as He did the day you first became His child. God has never stopped watching over you. As you sleep, He makes sure you are safe and provided for. You have never taken a step where Jesus hasn’t already walked. He goes before you. “He hems you in behind and before, and He lays His hand upon you.” -Psalm 139:5

God’s creation is praising Him and bringing Him glory by being. There are so many lessons we can learn from our Father’s masterpieces. Have you forgotten that you are hand crafted and a unique piece of art as well? Your life was not a mistake. The Lord knew you before you existed. Your eyes sparkle with His love, and you are filled with gifts that belong to God. You have an incredible opportunity and responsibility to use your gifts to build His kingdom. By yourself, you can’t do everything. But with Christ, you are strong. He alone is always more than enough. Do you remember the days you wept and prayed for the things you have now? Your Dad saw and knew each and every detail of your heart. He saved His best for you, and has given you patience to not settle for less.

I know this life feels like it is spinning and never stops, but the Lord calls us to stop in the midst of it all to seek His face. In a million years from now, the only thing that will matter is the time you’ve spent with Jesus, how you’ve served Him, and how used your time to invest into others. 

No one has a perfect or polished life. Stop being so hard on yourself. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Be Undeniably His. As Jesus whispers to you, I challenge you to quiet the noises around you so that you can hear His voice and rest in His Presence. You’ll never be in a place where Jesus doesn’t want you or love you. His heart is full of redemption. He writes the most beautiful stories. Don’t give up on your relationship with God or the ministries He has placed within you.

My prayer is that we keep chasing after Jesus even when our sides hurt and we’re out of breath.

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