Summer 2017

Before starting a new chapter, I always like to reflect on the one that’s coming to a close. This summer has really been good. It has been full of experiences, fun days, rest, writing, and time with God.

Unlike previous summers, I haven’t been obsessive in keeping my family’s house clean. I’ve learned to find a healthy balance.

My family has grown closer to one another as a result of growing closer to Jesus.

One of my friends from church invited me to help photograph a wedding in June. The venue and ceremony was absolutely beautiful, but getting a personal golf cart to use was definitely a highlight of our day!

After editing most of the wedding, my external hard drive quit working. I put so much of my life on that hard drive, which, ultimately, was temporary. It was a lesson to rethink what really matters, and where I’m devoting my time.

I was humbled to be on a Christian broadcast where I shared my testimony, things God has done for and through me, and the message behind Undeniably His.

I’ve babysat and been touched by the love and faith children carry within them.

My family made a commitment to make quality time with one another a priority.

We have celebrated life.

We have made priceless memories with friends at the beach. I was able to see and catch up with one of the most special families I know. True friendships aren’t affected by time spent apart.


God spoke to me and motivated me in incredible ways at the Forward Conference!


I’ve been convicted to truly make Christ first with my actions rather than just words. The first thing we do in the mornings says a lot about who we are and what we thirst for. Dying to my fleshly desires is something I’m faced with each morning. It’s easy to scroll through social media when my eyes open, but it’s also meaningless and not putting God first. Is that something you struggle with too? Let’s hold each other accountable and be victorious together.

My church ministered to 200+ kids last week at vacation Bible school. It’s a blessing to serve in a ministry that once poured into me. Connecting with my preschoolers brought so much joy and excitement!

This vapor of life is short, my friend. Let’s not take for granted the time we’re given or the opportunity to make someone else’s life better. You are here for a reason. I challenge you to reflect back on the things God has done in your life this summer. We are all growing, learning, and a work in progress. Make sure you do something today that makes a difference for eternity. I’m running this race with you-cheering you on.



Your friend,




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