Here Is the Truth

Here is the Truth.

I have true Hope. I experienced a love that was in full motion for me before the earth was created. My Heavenly Father knew I would be hard to love, yet, He sent His perfect Son to stand in my sinful place. Jesus knew you and I had the option of rejecting or accepting Him. He did His part in dying for us anyway.

A life without Jesus has no Hope, for He is Hope. A life without Christ is deplete of sparking purpose and meaning. We were created and placed on earth to know God, love Him, and passionately share Him with the whole world.

Without Jesus, I have no song to sing or word to write. There would be no reason for me being here.

I understand why those who are not saved are miserable. They still have not accepted their King and mission for living.

Maybe this letter finds you searching for real Hope today. You have tried it all. You are tired of being on the search. You want to find Who and what you were made to look for.

There is purpose God can use for good in your pain. His intention was never for you to hurt, suffer, cry or be lame.

You were not created by chance or evolved from a monkey. You were created in the very image of God Himself. Every part of you was handcrafted. There is no mistake in how God made you.

You are precious, beautiful, and complete in Him and through His eyes.

I have seen life without Hope, and it is miserable, dark, and sad. I have seen the effects of Satan’s power on precious people God adores.

You do not have to sleep in your tears. There is no true joy from God in harming yourself.

I want you to know you have a reason for living. Maybe this is the first time anyone has ever told you this.

The one true God who created the heavens, earth, and all that fills them is intentionally involved in every aspect of your days.

He sees the things you are carrying. He knows you are needing to latch onto His Hope.

I know and believe God has good plans in store for you. He will not leave you when life gets hard. You can express your every feeling to Him.

Jesus doesn’t let us stay how we are. He has a much better way for us to be.

Wil you let Him take your rags to show you His riches?

Will you humbly pray out loud to Jesus who created and loves you?

This life on earth is short, my friend. We aren’t promised our next breaths.

Jesus is calling you in close to Him now. It is time you experience His hope, peace, joy, satisfaction, contentment, and love.

I will spend all my days declaring this Gospel of Grace. It is Truth and has changed my life.

In John 14:6 (NIV), Jesus answered, “’I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

There are a million people waiting on you to make this first step in declaring Jesus as Lord over everything else in your life. He only removes things that will harm you. Don’t believe the lie that Jesus is not a fun guy.

My Dad loves you, and I am praying you join our family.

Other people in the world are going to be touched by your coming to Christ story.

Who cares what the devil says? We must slap him in the face.

We, as God’s children, carry within us the Victory!

All of our breaths are to bring Abba God glory.

I have Hope. I am a light in the darkness. It hurts my heart to see those of you who are lost, broken, and hurting. The love of God has been pursuing you all your days and forever will be.

If you are inviting Jesus into your life to change you from the inside out, here is a prayer that may help you know what to say.

Dear Jesus,

I believe You are good. You are God Almighty and the One who created me. I have not seen myself through your eyes before, but I am asking you for that experience now. Change me from the inside out. Cleanse me from all my sins. I believe Jesus died in my place, defeated death, hell, and the grave, and rose again. Please remove my shame. Thank You for what You have done for me. I choose You over the world and all that is in it. I accept my part in helping other people come to know You. I am ready to walk with You, love You, and know who You are. Thank you so much for this gift of salvation! I am Yours, FATHER!

Welcome to the family, brother or sister! I am looking forward to spending eternity with you.

If you just accepted Christ into your life and want to know how to move forward in loving God, please send me an email using the contact page on this blog.

I am proud of you and so grateful for you!

Your sister,



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